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The Day I Decided to Quit My Job [Flashback]

From time to time I’m going to be re-posting some of my favorite posts from the old SportsLizard Entrepreneur Blog that preceded Adam-McFarland.net.  I was fresh out of academia and in the process of leaving corporate America.  This was the true start-up phase for myself, my sites, and later Pure Adapt.  Nothing I write now will quite capture the excitement, doubt, frustration, and passion that is such a part of entrepreneurship in the same way as those 296 posts do. This particular post was originally… Continue reading


Funding Your First Business

Hypothetically, let’s go back in time and say I’m about to graduate from college.  I know that in my heart I want to be an entrepreneur, but I’m concerned about how to fund a new company and have enough money to live. What do I do? It’s a common position for potential business owners to be in.  I think a lot of very talented people that would start successful businesses get scared away by the financial uncertainty of starting their own business. My advice –… Continue reading


Employeeless No More

We just hired our first employee.  Well, technically that’s not true.  Back when we were doing SEO and web design work we had a few contracted employees.  But for Pure Adapt in it’s current e-commerce centric state, he is our first employee. Who? His name is John. He’s our accountant’s son. He just graduated from High School and will be attending college locally at Siena. Both he and his father are into detailing. His father actually came in on Christmas Eve last year and did… Continue reading