Link Friday: Musk vs. Buffett: The Billionaire Battle to Own the Sun

I’m trying out something new. Since I’ve mostly stopped posting on Twitter I thought I’d try posting an interesting link each week to a long-form story that I found interesting and thought-provoking.

Who Owns The Sun? [Businessweek] – the story of how Elon Musk’s solar company SolarCity is going head to head with Warren Buffett’s energy company NV Energy in Nevada, and losing. The legislation has changed so significantly over the past few years that solar companies have had to pull out of Nevada and people who already purchased solar panels are now going to pay much more for their energy than they initially were promised:

Nevada’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) imposed rules that not only make it more expensive to go solar, but also make it uneconomical for those who’ve already signed up. Similar regulatory skirmishes are playing out in dozens of other states, but no other has gone as far as Nevada to undermine homeowners who’ve already installed solar arrays. All this has enraged independent, free-market, and environmentally conscious Nevadans.

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