Decision Making

Why a LockerPulse App?

On Monday we released a fantasy football Android app for LockerPulse. Here’s a bit of the backstory. LockerPulse as a Business LockerPulse has sort of been stuck in the same place the past few years. It has a small, active, hard core user base. It’s growing, but slowly. It makes a little money on ads, but it costs more to run. Server expenses are high when you’re indexing 4,500+ sites for news every 15 minutes. We’ve built some seriously cool technology. There are plenty of… Continue reading


Another 3 Years

We recently renewed our lease to stay in our warehouse for another three years. Over the past six months we seriously considered upgrading to a new facility. We could use more office space. We could use another shipping dock. We could use more space for our products. But ultimately we weren’t ready to make that huge jump. If we were going to move, we’d probably jump from just over 5,000 sq-ft to around 15,000 sq-ft. At that point everything becomes more expensive – the rent,… Continue reading


Your Site Is Never “Done”

My wife and I recently bought a house. Our apartment lease ends at the end of June so we decided to do some work on the house before moving in. We had the hardwood floors refinished. We’re going to be doing some painting. Stuff like that. Nothing major, but the type of stuff that’s easier to do when you’re not living there. At some point though, we have to stop the projects and move in. No house will never be “perfect” but that doesn’t mean… Continue reading


The Data That Drove Our Responsive Design

In my last post breaking down the new Detailed Image, I wrote the following about our responsive design: If you haven’t figured it out by now, this was the main driving force behind this project. Mobile and tablet usage on our site has skyrocketed, with Safari on iOS becoming our #1 browser/OS combo. It’s a trend that’s only going to continue. We needed to up our game. This will be the topic of my next post where I’ll dive into some of the data. We… Continue reading


Inside The Decision To Offer Free Shipping Every Day

On Thursday we announced that we are now offering two new every day shipping options. Customers who spend $49 or more and use coupon code DI499 will get $4.99 flat rate ground shipping. Customers who spend $149 or more and use coupon code DIFREE will get free shipping. These are just two new coupon codes in addition to the many codes that we have out there, but in many ways they completely change how we do business. The Background We’ve always believed in charging our… Continue reading


Do More With Less

One thing I think we do really well is get more done with less.  Less time.  Less experience.  Less money. Less room for error.  What we have “less” of has changed over time. Sometimes it even changes from project to project.  What hasn’t changed is our ability to consistently make the most of what we have.  It’s one of the reasons that we have steadily grown as a company over 5+ years. It’s hard to know exactly why or how we’re able to do more… Continue reading


Making Business Decisions That Don’t Suck When You Have No Data

My business partner Greg and I always joke about how one of the biggest differences between college and the real world – specifically running a business – is that in school you almost always have all of the information that you need to make a decision or solve a problem, whereas when you’re running a small business you rarely do. The funny thing is that he’s basing this on his MBA classes and I’m basing it on my engineering classes, which on the surface one… Continue reading


Learning What to Learn

When I first quit my job and decided to venture out on my own, I was working alone, had almost no resources, had very few connections, and almost no web experience. What I did have was time. And the desire to learn anything and everything that could help me be successful.* So, naturally, if there was something that needed to be done I picked up a book and learned it. This is a great thing. It’s probably a necessary trait to bootstrap your own company,… Continue reading


What About Competitors?

Whenever I give a talk to college students, I always get asked about our competitors.  How do we follow what they do?  How do we react to what they do?  What do we do to protect ourselves from them? The answer is pretty simple: we don’t. I’m of the opinion that business do not fail because of anything that their competition does or doesn’t do.  They fail because of what they do or don’t do.  The second you start focusing on your competition is the… Continue reading


How We Make Business Decisions – The CAG Model

I’ve noticed over the years that we’ve become very balanced in our decision making. I think that comes from having a very diverse set of partners. Almost every major decision involves a group discussion in which we discuss the pros and cons of the decision, as well as the priorities of making a decision (sometimes the best business decision is to just leave something alone). And, for the most part, we’ve been successful with this approach. Not like billion dollar successful, but continuous, steady, profitable… Continue reading