Our Credit Card Form Redesign & Saved Card Feature

We first launched our own shopping cart for Detailed Image in 2007. In the time since the credit card form has gone largely untouched. Each time we did a design refresh we’d make sure it still worked and looked good, and we’ve upgraded the back-end portion of our credit card processing, but the front-end checkout form that customers use to submit payment information has always been the same. In part, this was because it got the job done. But it’s also easy to ignore: we… Continue reading


Insert & Update WordPress Blog Posts With This PHP Script

In my last post I mentioned our new promotion system that can “duplicate” a previous promotion by updating the dates, creating a new coupon code or scheduling items to go on sale, and then creating a new newsletter, blog post, landing page, etc. One of the big challenges for me was coming up with the correct way to insert and update new blog posts in WordPress so that we never actually have to log in to WordPress to manage our promotions. We’re able to do… Continue reading


Automation Instead Of Manpower

Last week I launched an interesting internal programming project that I had been working on for a few months. Whenever we run a sale or promotion there are an increasing number of things that need to be created and scheduled: a newsletter, a blog post, a home page banner, sitewide banners, social media posts, etc. All of this was previously organized by Mike in a Google Spreadsheet. If we wanted to run a similar promo to a past sale, at best we could reuse the… Continue reading


Overhauled DI Packages, Just In Time For Spring

Grouping items together into a package and selling them at a special bundle price has a couple of huge benefits to any retailer: Customers know that they’re getting products that are compatible with each other, a challenge for new customers in many industries, including detailing Customers often save more than they could by buying the products individually Retailers can provide more value to the customer while still working within MAP pricing guidelines (minimum advertised price). This is why you always see Best Buy or Amazon… Continue reading


Update Season

The past few weeks I’ve been working on updating and upgrading almost all of the software and services that power our website: the PayPal API, FedEx and USPS 2016 rate changes, and new versions of PHP, MySQL, and Apache. It’s a combination of coding, system administration (not my strong suit), and obsessively monitoring after launch to ensure nothing goes wrong. I tend to save up work like this for January because it’s our slow season, but I’ve never had this much pile up at once…. Continue reading


Why It Took Us 8 Years To Add Wishlists

Over on the Detailed Image Blog I wrote a post describing some new features that we added last week, including the addition of a wishlist, easier ways to reorder products, and more personalized product recommendations. The latter two are the most intriguing features with some creative potential for expansion, but the decision to finally add a wishlist after all of these years is probably more noteworthy. Back in 2010 we added a feature called Saved Carts. After adding items to your shopping cart, you could… Continue reading


Goodbye IE8! No Longer Supporting Microsoft’s Old Browser

If you visit the Detailed Image home page today using Internet Explorer 8, it’ll look like the screenshot above, including the message about how we no longer support the browser. This is a big deal for us, because prior to today we were still supporting IE8. It’s been almost three years since Google stopped supporting IE8. Many other businesses followed suit around the same time. IE8 was released in 2009. By 2012 it had outlived it’s useful life, but since Microsoft refused to produce a… Continue reading


Filtering, Sorting, Best Seller Badges, and More DI Shopping Improvements

Today we released a bunch of improvements to what we call our “browse pages” – shop by brand, shop by category, and search results. Over on the DI Blog I wrote an in-depth post about the changes, which included several improvements to our filtering, the addition of sorting, and more. While we’ve done a lot of work on our search engine, these pages have remained largely untouched since the 2009 cart release. While that can be viewed as a testament to how good of a… Continue reading


In-Depth: Boosting Newsletter Sign-Ups With Our Refer a Friend Program

My partners and I have always discussed the possibility of doing some sort of referral program for Detailed Image. We have a very loyal customer base so it would only be natural to give them the ability to earn free products in exchange for referring their friends. We never could quite formulate the right way to do it, so it always sat on the backburner while we tackled other projects. Then last year I came across an article on the Tim Ferriss blog entitled How… Continue reading


Add-On Upsells – A Win for Everyone

Earlier this week we launched an add-on upsell feature for Detailed Image. With detailing products you often need an add-on product to use the product that you’re purchasing. Buying a wax? You’ll need an applicator pad. Buying a quick detailer? You’ll need a towel. A buffer? A backing plate and pads. And so on. We saw a huge opportunity to not only increase our average order value and sell more of these small (typically high-margin) items, but to make the customer’s experience a better one…. Continue reading