Pure Adapt

New (Last-Minute) Pure Adapt Site

Last Friday, the Albany Business Review wrote a story about us in conjunction with naming us to their Fastest Growing Companies List. Towards the end of the phone call that I had with the reporter last Monday, I casually asked “when will our story be published?” I was hoping for a few weeks. Instead, I got Friday. The reason that I wanted a few weeks of time was because I wanted to get our Pure Adapt, Inc site updated. The site was in desperate need… Continue reading


Albany Business Review Feature Story & Fastest-Growing Companies List

This morning the Albany Business Review named us to their 2016 list of Fastest Growing Companies and ran a corresponding story on us. Both links are behind a paywall. After failing to find a copy at my local grocery store and gas stations, I paid $4.99 for a PDF copy. Here’s the article (click to enlarge): The Fastest-Growing Companies list is based upon five-year growth. For a reasonably sized city like Albany, being #18 feels like a pretty good accomplishment! The Business Review doesn’t have… Continue reading


The Great Warehouse Flood of 2014

Early on a Monday morning in January of 2014 I received a phone call from our warehouse manager. Typically early morning phone calls mean that something is wrong, but usually it’s nothing like this. When our employees arrived that morning they were greeted by a flooded warehouse. Parts of the warehouse were in several inches of water, and most of it was in some sort of standing water. It looked like this: And this: Immediately they started photoing everything, which was a huge help with… Continue reading


Taking Advantage Of Our Slow Season

As one would expect, January and February are not exactly peak months for selling car care supplies. Over the years we’ve adjusted various aspects of the business to align with our slow season in the winter. Along with a few things that just happen to luckily fall into this time period, we end up spending a decent amount of our time in the winter working on once-yearly things like: Any server maintenance or software upgrades, as I discussed in my Update Season post. Employee reviews…. Continue reading


We’re On The 2015 Inc. 5000!

On Wednesday morning I was at the SFO airport about to board when I received a much anticipated text message from my business partner Greg. The Inc. 5000 list came out and we are number 4,284! For those unfamiliar with the Inc. 5000, it’s a ranking of the fastest growing private companies in the US. The Albany Business review also wrote up a short article summarizing the businesses located in the Albany area that are on the list. We are 9th out of 15 companies…. Continue reading


Focus: DI

As I sort of alluded to in my post a few weeks ago What I’m Interested In, For Now, our sole focus as a business right now is Detailed Image. Really, it’s been that way for a while. Years ago we had multiple streams of revenue, but the success of DI has always outweighed the success of everything else. The business has grown to the point now where it would be silly – and potentially fatal – to focus on anything else. This has been… Continue reading


Focus: Growth

Yesterday was our new full-time employee Bobby’s first day of work. You may recall that Bobby just finished up college as a Math major at SUNY Albany. He will be taking over our accounting, working on data analysis projects to improve our data-driven decision making as a company, and chipping in with the day-to-day operations in the warehouse. It was an important day in our company history. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I don’t feel like we’re understaffed. That… Continue reading


Overcoming Adversity

What a year 2011 was. It started off with a partner abruptly leaving the company. Throughout the year it felt like a week didn’t go by where there wasn’t some major business or personal catastrophe for Mike, Greg, or I. The phone would ring and someone would be in the emergency room, or in a car wreck, or come home to find their house robbed (all of which happened). Or we’d get audited. Or a once-in-a-lifetime hurricane would displace me from my home. It literally… Continue reading


New Pure Adapt Site and…We’re Hiring!

Over the years we’ve unfortunately neglected the PureAdapt.com website. Aside from changing a few bits of information, we hadn’t updated the design since the 2008 redesign. For better or worse there’s always been something more important to work on, and the old site got the job done, so we just left it. However, as we started to discuss our hiring plan, we realized that the Pure Adapt website all of a sudden became a more important piece of the puzzle. We needed something that showcased… Continue reading


Pure Adapt in 2011

I realize that this post is a few weeks late, but I wanted to make sure I took a quick look back at our 2010 and a look forward to 2011, which is already off to an adventurous start. 2010 Review I’m really amazed by what we accomplish every year. At times it seems like things are moving slow, but when I take a look back I can’t say I’m disappointed in the least. Some of the highlights: We started the year by closing Tastefully… Continue reading