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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Letter of intent

With all of my ramblings about outages, I failed to mention that we put in a letter of intent for warehouse space in Albany. The space is huge for the price, in an OK area, and the company that owns the business park is very easy to work with. They're asking for $1,200/month and we were planning on moving in October 1. We offered $900/month and said we'd move in September 1. We also said we'd take it as-is - there are a few minor improvements we want done but we'll do them ourselves if we can save 25%/month.

We'll see. If not, we might pay a little more or we might put out offers for some other spaces we've looked at. We like this place because it gives us sufficient space to grow in to (2,500+ sq ft), but we know it's a renters market and the spaces available outnumber the tenants out there. For that reason, we're not taking anything less than what we consider to be a great deal. If need be, we can wait a few more months.


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