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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Struggling with blogging

For the last four or five months I've been mulling over closing down this blog, and it's not for the reasons you'd probably think. If you take a look at that mission statement I wrote almost 2 years ago, I said "I plan on giving a candid look at the ups and downs of running a business" and I think for the most part I feel I've done that. However, as we grow, I find myself asking the question "does this need to be kept confidential or can I blog about it....and if I do blog about it are their any possible repercussions?"

To be honest, I don't want to give people an overly-filtered perspective of what it's like to run a business. I want to give a raw, emotion filled, and very "real" look at what it's like to be a 24 year old who runs a company. I'm in a unique situation and I think people who are considering the same path can find value in it. And since this blog ranks so high for terms like entrepreneur blogger in Google, I understand the impact that I can have if I do it right (probably more so than the rankings are the wonderful emails and comments I get all the time, many of which are pinned up to my bulletin board because they mean that much to me).

For instance, right now we have two large "happenings" in our company that I haven't even hinted about on this blog. How can I possibly give you a candid read if I hide that stuff? Of course, how can those things succeed properly if I make them "public" before they should be? My partners have been great about never criticizing a post, but my guess is that they'd rather I be more censored than I am.

Here are the options I see:
  • Give up blogging completely
  • Run a more censored YE blog, where I talk more about general topics (like finding partners, and getting funding, and motivating yourself) and be careful about how I tie them back into our business.
  • Turn the blog into my personal blog. This sort of is my personal blog, but the focus has to be on business and YE's most of the time. On this personal blog, I could be more rogue and pretty much do whatever the hell I wanted - post whenever I wanted and talk about whatever I wanted - sports, religion, politics, pop culture, business, etc. This would still give me a voice, and would hopefully still entertain and be helpful, but gone would be the candid look inside the life of a business owner.
Right now I'm leaning towards continuing to blog in some fashion, I just don't know exactly how yet. Thoughts?


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