My Entrepreneurial Timeline

My business partners and I. I’m the tall bald guy in the middle. Greg is on the left, and Mike is on the right.

Over the past several years I’ve come to realize that being a young business owner is not a common thing.  It elicits a slew of different responses from people.  Any student or young professional interested in starting their own business always asks me “how did you get started?”  And with good reason – it’s a daunting task.  Starting a successful business takes a combination of work ethic, insane optimism, and luck, among other things.

Here’s a time line of the path I took.  It wasn’t all planned, it wasn’t anywhere near the shortest path to success, but the result has been an absolutely amazing ride that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.  I am eternally grateful for being able to make a living doing something I enjoy so much.  Hopefully you’ll be able to draw from it in your quest for entrepreneurial success.



  • 7/2004- I spent my summer learning to program, culminating in the launch of a sports collectibles marketplace (check out the current about page for a screenshot of the original site).
  • 12/2004 – Upon graduating Magna Cum Laude from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Industrial Engineering, I decided to move from NY to CT to take a job with that same company I interned with.  I figured I’d run SportsLizard in my free time.











  • 1/2014 – I posted about my two goals for 2014: focusing on revenue/profitability and slowing the f$#@ down

What does the future hold?  I’m not sure, but I couldn’t be more excited!