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The Art of Achieving More Than Your Peers

I was having dinner with a friend and fellow entrepreneur the other night when the topic of accomplishment came up.  He’s in the process of moving to a new city to help grow his audience (he’s a musician) and was telling me how sometimes he doesn’t feel like he achieves as much as he should.  I told him to stop and think where he was a year ago.  Then to think about where he will be a year from now.  Then to compare and contrast… Continue reading


My Thoughts on MyLiveSearch

Remember MyLiveSearch, the company that Google supposedly has had their eye on since its inception?  They’ve taken a lot of crap the past few months for delaying launch and for garnering a ton of hype without anyone actually seeing what they’re working on.  They promised “real-time indexing” of the web as you search.  Naturally with a claim like that we’re all pretty curious and a bit skeptical at the same time. Well supposedly today they are supposed to launch so I figured I’d give my… Continue reading


The Search Engine Impact of My Move

One of the things I’m interested most in regarding the move of this blog is the SEO impact that it will have on both SportsLizard and on the blog.  SportsLizard ranked very high for key terms related to both sports collectibles AND entrepreneurship, and both are clearly at risk by moving such a large part of the site.  All of the old posts are now 301 (SE friendly) permanently redirected to their counterparts in the archive on this site. For this domain, I’m hoping to… Continue reading


A Change of Scenery!

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, odds are you’re coming from the SportsLizard Entrepreneur Blog. This is the new-and-improved version of the blog formerly known to many as the SL YE Blog. I still plan on providing the same type of raw and candid content, and hopefully will be able to use this fresh copy of WordPress to stretch the limits of what I provide to the next level. If you want to go back and re-read any of the old SL YE Blog, which… Continue reading