A Change of Scenery!

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, odds are you’re coming from the SportsLizard Entrepreneur Blog. This is the new-and-improved version of the blog formerly known to many as the SL YE Blog. I still plan on providing the same type of raw and candid content, and hopefully will be able to use this fresh copy of WordPress to stretch the limits of what I provide to the next level. If you want to go back and re-read any of the old SL YE Blog, which spans from 11/2005 until this morning, you can do so in the archive. There are nearly 300 posts, and it’ll likely remain some of my best writing in my entire life, so I encourage you to take a peek back at the past two years of entrepreneurial ups and downs I experienced. There’s a wealth of information that should help out any aspiring web entrepreneur.

As for the future, this blog is just a small part of the rapid change I expect to occur for us at Pure Adapt in the coming year. I think I’ve lulled everyone to sleep a bit the past few months because I’ve been off programming the new Detailed Image site and not much exciting has been happening. We’ll be launching the new DI in the next few weeks, and after that the fun will begin. It’s going to free up an estimated 75% of our collective time, so we’re going to be attacking new and exciting projects (and of course growing what we’ve already got).

The first subtle but interesting change is the change to the Pure Adapt site that I put up yesterday. Gone are our client services. Right now there is just screenshots and links to all of our sites, a short mission statement, and pics of all of the owners. That’s just temporary – we’ll be re-launching our development and SEO services on 10/1 on a separate domain with some distinct improvements in what we provide. I’m pumped for that, I’m pumped for this shiny new blog, and I’m pumped to see where our company will be this time next year (tip #1 for this new blog – if you’re not pumped about life, it’s time to re-evaluate what you spend your time doing).

As for SportsLizard, the Price Guide should surpass 15,000 registered users by early September. Not bad for an application that launched in May! Growth has been so steady and so consistent that I’ve barely even mentioned it…but it’s definitely exceeding my/our expectations and requiring less and less work (probably about 45 minutes/day), can’t beat that!

Thanks for reading, I promise to keep it fun!