The Search Engine Impact of My Move

One of the things I’m interested most in regarding the move of this blog is the SEO impact that it will have on both SportsLizard and on the blog.  SportsLizard ranked very high for key terms related to both sports collectibles AND entrepreneurship, and both are clearly at risk by moving such a large part of the site.  All of the old posts are now 301 (SE friendly) permanently redirected to their counterparts in the archive on this site.

For this domain, I’m hoping to FINALLY get that boost I need to rank #1 for “Adam McFarland”.  The old blog ranked #3 behind the dork that has

Adam McFarland Google Search

I also am hoping to not lose the #3 ranking for the term “entrepreneur blog”.  I get a lot of great traffic that way, and countless people searching for an entrepreneur like themselves have found me via search and dropped me encouraging emails.

entrepreneur blog search

Here are the different scenarios I can envision (each of which I’ve seen happen to clients/friends):

  1. All of the links pointing to the old YE blog will be correctly applied to Adam-McFarland.Net and it will retain its rankings, as will SL.
  2. Adam-McFarland.Net will retain its rankings, but SL will suffer because it will appear to be losing ~30% of its inbound links.
  3. Adam-McFarland.Net will suffer in the rankings (after all, it is a brand spanking new domain getting all of these redirects from a sports collectibles site) and SL will suffer for dishing out all of those redirects and the loss of inbound links.
  4. Search engines (I particularly could see this happening with Google) will rank both sites HIGHER because the topics of the domains will be more clearly defined.*  There may have been some confusion in algorithms seeing a site as both a sports site and a YE site (two distinctly different niches).  Adam-McFarland.Net will be seen as the business/entrepreneurial site, and SL will be solely sports and sports collectibles.

#4 is what I hope will happen…and I think will be the end result, it’s just a question of whether or not there will be a step back before a step forward.  It will be interesting to see.  I’ll write a post updating you once it’s been a few weeks.

*If at any time you want to see what Google thinks the topic of your domain is, you can log into Google Webmaster Tools and read the page analysis.  It will tell you what words Google finds prevalent on your site, and the anchor text of your internal links and external links pointing to your site.  Having a clearly defined domain topic will help a search engine rank you appropriately, and is particularly helpful in helping you rank high when you launch a new section of your site that follows in-line with other content on your domain (that’s how the Price Guide on SL ranked extremely high in a matter of days).

Posted on August 28th, 2007 in SEO