Quick Music Alerts Update

I’ve decided to hold off on promoting Music Alerts for a while for a few reasons. Primarily because I’m in the middle of ramping back up our client services after the launch of DI and I’m swamped, but also because I wanted to give it some time to be tested in the field. There’s no way to predict when an album will be added to Amazon, so I just sat back and waited.

Today I got my first real alert. It worked perfectly – Google Reader saw that the feed had been updated and notified me of the new item. I looked, saw the release of a new album (albeit an international release of an album already out), and I was like “wow, this is pretty cool”.

I also noticed that Music Alerts comes up #3 on a Google search of “music alerts”. Pretty cool to be just behind MTV and MSN after just a few weeks. I also find it satisfying that I’m now ahead of that stupid service Barnes and Noble offers where you can sign up for alerts for a whopping 30 artists.

Music Alerts Google Ranking

Anyway, I’ll hopefully get some time towards the holidays to promote it. As long as it keeps working well for me, I’m going to be supremely confident in it and be as aggressive as I can with pushing it. We’re obviously not going to spend a lot of money on a side project (i.e. none), so I think the only real chance it has is to catch the “viral” bug and get caught up on the tech sites and blogs – certainly a possibility, but obviously not an easy accomplishment. We’ll see.

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