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PayPal Fixed, Price Guide Passes 15k!

Finally, five days later my inbox was flooded with the PayPal subscription payments. From what I can tell they’ve back-billed all of the customers from Thursday until this morning, and normalcy has returned to my world. Thankfully this fiasco is over. Now comes the questions: why did PayPal wait several days before acknowledging the problem? Why wasn’t their customer service team fully aware of the issue? Why did they wait until yesterday (4 days late) to post an announcement on their blog? Why wasn’t there… Continue reading


PayPal Update – Questions Answered, Subscriptions Still Down

It is now day 4 of the PayPal Subscription disaster that has been crippling small businesses all over the world. When I wrote that post yesterday I couldn’t find a documented case of the problem anywhere online. I decided I was going to social bookmark my post on every popular social bookmarking site to try to get the word out. I also sent it to places like TechCrunch (although they credited someone else with the story…no biggie, just happy it got out) and sent it… Continue reading


PayPal – The Worst Customer Service Experience of My Life

For a large portion of our websites we use PayPal to receive payments. Sometimes we use them exclusively and sometimes we offer it as an alternative payment option. Either way, we rely on them quite heavily as I’m sure a lot of businesses do. Keep in mind while reading all of this that yesterday was my birthday and the whole experience was that much worse because it was supposed to be a relaxing and happy day. It’s also no secret that PayPal has been in… Continue reading