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My One-Hour Marketing Challenge

As I said back when I launched it, Music-Alerts is a site I’m really proud of.  I think it’s a service that a lot of people could benefit from, and I think I did a pretty good job on the design and programming.  That said, let’s be honest:  the chances for it to actually make us any money is very slim.  The only chance it has is to become HUGE so we could make money on advertising or affiliate sales.  Currently, the links to the… Continue reading


What We Can Learn From Matthew Wasser

As sad as it may be, every once in a while I need to be reminded of the fragility of life. Such was the case earlier this week when an under-the-radar sports story stopped me in my tracks and really made me think. I was watching Game 1 of the World Series, and amidst stories about Josh Beckett and the Rockies spectacular win streak, Joe Buck told the story of the death of Matthew Wasser: The Yankees organization has been mourning the passing of media… Continue reading


The Perfect Kind of Busy

Up until about 2 weeks ago when we launched Faceup I had spent the previous 6 months or so on programming projects…not because I really wanted to do that much programming, but because I knew it was for the good of the company.  So far, it’s paid off:  SportsLizard is making good money without much work, Detailed Image has had it’s best month ever in October (traditionally the slowest month of the year) and most of that can be attributed to the new site, and… Continue reading


Using Thunderbird as an Outlook Replacement

In the next five years we anticipate that we’ll grow to have a somewhat sizable staff, probably 10-15 people. A few programmers, a book-keeper, a “secretary” (or whatever the politically correct term is now), a warehouse employee for Detailed Image for packing and shipping, a customer service rep, etc. One of the biggest hidden costs for an upstart bootstrapped company like us is software. We have the same problem you do: we want to use the open-source alternative but it always lacks the functionality of… Continue reading


Bartering Advertising to Your Advantage

I think in previous posts I’ve proven my point that advertising should never be the sole source of revenue for an online business.  In addition to all of the reasons I mentioned previously, there’s another one that’s often overlooked:  bartering advertising.  If your only source of income is ad revenue, you guard each impression as if your life depends on it…you won’t dare trade it because you need to get top dollar for it. However, if you’ve got another source of revenue (or two or… Continue reading


Should You Pre-Scale or Scale by Need?

That’s a question I often ask myself.  Is it better for a business to pre-scale processes or to scale only when they absolutely need to?  The answer I’ve come up with for us is a mix of the two.  Let me explain. As I mentioned when we launched Faceup, we took a step back as a company this year to take two steps forward next year.  If we had continued taking on clients at the rate we were in the first quarter we would have… Continue reading


Download the SEO-Web Marketing eBook FREE

I’ve been really surprised and encouraged by the emails I’ve received after the announcement yesterday of the re-launch of our client services under the Faceup-Sites name. I wasn’t sure how it would be received by other developers/young entrepreneurs, but I received a handful of emails from people I respect a great deal who love the idea of going after the market we’re going after. One of the biggest components of the site is the Faceup Web Marketing eBook that I wrote, which is essentially a… Continue reading


Re-launching our Design Services

This first year as Pure Adapt has been interesting.  All four of us have had to get used to working together and running our first incorporated business.  Way back in December of last year when we officially formed the company our primary source of revenue was SEO and web design services.  Around March we hit a road block:  many of our sites severely needed upgrades and we were very inefficient with our client work because we didn’t have the proper systems in place. So we… Continue reading


My Problem Online Advertising – Part 2

I got quite a response from my previous post about my issues with online advertising. I was actually quite surprised at people rushing to the defense of using advertising as a primary revenue source. Personally, I think it goes to show just how much “brainwashing” web entrepreneurs of the web2.0/Google AdSense generation have been subjected to. I will never ever say that advertising is a bad way to monetize a site, but I will also never ever say that it’s a good business model to… Continue reading


Book Review: If Nobody Loves You Create The Demand

Every few months I’m contacted by an author/publicist and asked to review their new book. It’s one of my favorite perks about having a semi-popular entrepreneurship blog – they need book reviews so they send me a free book and I get the pleasure of reviewing it. I had one publisher tell me that my blog post generated more sales than their radio campaign, and I take great pride in that. Why am I telling you this? Because the most recent book – If Nobody… Continue reading