The Perfect Kind of Busy

Up until about 2 weeks ago when we launched Faceup I had spent the previous 6 months or so on programming projects…not because I really wanted to do that much programming, but because I knew it was for the good of the company.  So far, it’s paid off:  SportsLizard is making good money without much work, Detailed Image has had it’s best month ever in October (traditionally the slowest month of the year) and most of that can be attributed to the new site, and we’re jam packed with clients for Faceup in only two weeks.

Now I’m transitioning from programmer to true business owner.  My days are filled with a little bit of everything, and I absolutely love the thrill of seeing each part of the company operating at its peak.  Things are going so well that we’re planning to accelerate our expansion and are considering taking on a small outside investment to kick-start everything.  And while I’ve been really busy, it’s been the kind of busy I love:  good things are coming from every direction and I’m just short of being overwhelmed.

It’s only noon on Tuesday, and here’s what this week has shaped up like thusfar:


  • Up at 7, back from the gym and showered by 9.
  • Answer emails and post on Craigslist for Faceup from 9-10.
  • 10-1 eat with Mike and George, call a client, prep for another.
  • Meet with the largest accounting firm in Albany (with whom we are a client of) and land their web design job…a simple WordPress site on the front end and a complex system on the back end.  A perfect, perfect client for us.
  • 1-3 team meeting to discuss a potential investor, and how much stock we’re willing to give up (less than 10%, probably 5%).
  • 3-5 answer emails, call another client, prepare proposal for potential investor.
  • 6-10 meet with Mike to work on marketing for Faceup and discuss client work that’s piling up already.
  • 10-1 emails, shower, sleep.


  • Up at 7, out the door at 7:30 to meet with one of my mentors up in Saratoga (30 min drive).  He asks me to be on the board of advisors for his company, which coming from your mentor is absolutely AWESOME. He values my tech knowledge enough to take advice from me, which excites me because he’s always been someone I’ve been able to lean on for advice and now I can return the favor.
  • Back home by 10, I spent the last 2 hours answering emails and am writing this post before digging into some programming.
  • The rest of the day will be doing some work for a few clients and prepping the final quote for that accounting firm.  I’ve also got to write an article for SportsLizard because I’ve been slacking on that lately.
  • The rest of the week includes a meeting with our potential investor and the possibility that we’re able to begin shopping around for the office/warehouse that we really want and need.

I’m not sure how all of this looks to someone on the outside.  It could sound mundane and normal for a business owner…or it could sound really cool.  But being in the middle of it is amazing.  All of the hard work is coming full circle and showing on the bottom line a lot faster than I thought it would and I’m surprised at how fast we’re moving.  Of course, I LOVE being busy and moving fast so I wouldn’t want it any other way.  There are days that are predictable and stable where I accomplish quite a bit and those are definitely good to have.  However, the chaotic days where I’m pulled in a million directions are the ones that I live for.  That’s how I know everything we do is working.