One-Hour Marketing Challenge a Success + New Music-Alerts Feature

I wasn’t really sure how my one hour of marketing Music Alerts would pan out.  Turns out it went well…really well.  The StumbleUpon traffic has been nice, but it was those 10 or so emails that I sent that got the viral bug started.  Blogs like Emily Chang’s eHub, KillerStartups, and even a popular Italian tech blog gave it good reviews, and the site went from about 30 visitors a and 1 feed created per day, to over 500 visitors and over 50 feeds created each day this week.  Now I realize those aren’t HUGE numbers, but it’s a hell of a lot for an hours work.

If those numbers keep up, this site will have a sizable user base in less than a year, and it may just have a chance at making us some $.  I think the next step will be to add more to each feed – include affiliate links to download the album and buy from several places other than Amazon, and also insert AdSense-like ads into the feeds.  I’d say that I’ll probably do that sometime in the next few months, and I’ll re-evaluate things if it really grows.  I love the simplicity of the site, so I’m going to try to work around making people register when monetizing it, which will likely limit what can be done.  Then again, keeping it simple and forcing those constraints might be what makes the site standout from all of the cluttered crap out there.

I did add one feature to the site today:  you can now add artists to your feed.  All you need to do is click the “Add to Your Feed” in the upper-right, enter your feed key (the last 8 digits in the feed URL), and enter the artist name.  A nice simple feature that addresses one of the main weaknesses of the site.

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  1. Adnan says:

    Awesome, that was well worked Adam – glad it worked out well for ya.

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