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I’ve mentioned before that one of the cool things about having a blog that does a decent job ranking high in search engines is that every time a PR company is looking to hype up a new book and Joe Q PR-guy Google’s “entrepreneur blog” I show up. So I get quite a few inquiries and I gladly accept most of them (I mean, who wouldn’t want free books?). Joel Freeman was very accommodating and accessible when I got a copy of his book, but I thought this latest book was pretty creative in their PR.

The book is The Inside Advantage: the Strategy That Unlocks the Hidden Growth in Your Business by Robert Bloom. The book arrived in ONE day, with a lock around it so I can “unlock” my businesses hidden growth potential.

The Inside Advantage

Very creative!  Taking the idea of “unlocking” your businesses potential and putting a lock on the cover art is one thing, but adding the master lock to the package it was delivered in is a really nice touch.  To add to the mystique, the combination was not included. I was able to slip the lock off to read the book, but I really could use a new lock for the gym so I’m going to try to crack the lock myself….should be fun!

Where the F$%# is the book review? I decided not to review the book because it would be an utterly biased view. I like two types of business books: ones where entrepreneurs tell their stories and I can enjoy and appreciate their retrospective view of their experiences, and books that have hard data and draw conclusions that change my perception on business. This book is neither. For the average business owner who reads one book a year, or the new business owner looking to get their hands on sound techniques for getting the best out of their business, this is a great book. Unfortunately I read a lot of business books. The day before I read The Inside Advantage I finished Good to Great – the single most comprehensive study of businesses and what makes them great. Coming from that book, this one just didn’t do it for me.

I think I need to start minimizing the business books I read….

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  1. BizBox says:

    Bob will actually be leading a conversation on his strategy on Friday at 3 pm on BizBox on Slate.

    Feel free to check it out here:

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