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Damn, I Need to Update My Resume

I’ll set the scene.  It’s sometime towards the end of January 2006.  My days as an engineer were numbered, and my colleagues had just gotten over the shock of my two-week notice and were nice enough to throw me a going away party.  About 50 people attended – which surprised me -and the overall feeling wasn’t bitterness but excitement that I was taking a chance at doing something ballsy while I was young. My good friend and colleague was sitting next to me. Him: “Man,… Continue reading


Standing Up For Your Partners

As is the case with any service company, we have to wait on files and information from our clients regularly before we can complete their project. This morning, in two such cases, both clients of ours blamed their partner for the delays. Something along the lines of “they didn’t get me the file”, “they screwed up and gave you the wrong information”, or “that decision they made makes no sense”. One even bashed their partner three times in a four sentence email! It might not… Continue reading