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Early Riser – 1 Month Update

On January 1 I wrote about how I hate New Years Resolutions and then proceeded to make one myself:  to improve my sleep schedule.  Throughout college and my early professional life I’ve always been an erratic sleeper to say the least, and I became envious of those who were able to wake up early and start the day “ahead” of me.  I decided on 6 AM as my new wakeup time because it’s early, but not so early that you have to be asleep at… Continue reading


It’s a Barrier to Entry Thing

I recently went back and visited with one of my old engineering professors.  He seemed happy that I had started my own business, but the whole time we were talking I could sense a bit of skepticism.  Then I said “I went into industry for a while after college but didn’t like it”.  He looked at me with sort of a puzzled look and bluntly said “why?” Here’s the thing – product development and web development are very similar.  At their core, each is just… Continue reading


Identity Theft From 2000 Keeps Haunting Me

Back in the year 2000 I was an 18 year old freshman in college and living in Albany, NY. Somewhere 150 miles away in New York City (Bronx to be exact) some guy opens an account with Sprint Long Distance for his home long distance service. He uses the name ‘Adam McFarland Jr.’ and opens the account with my social security number. He runs up $517 in charges and then cancels the account. In November of 2003 I start getting phone calls from a collection… Continue reading


Another Pure Adapt Blogger

Following in George’s footsteps, Mike has launched a blog at Michael-Li.com to chronicle his entrepreneurshp experience. Now this is getting cool – we’ve got 3/4th of our company blogging, and anyone subscribing to all three will get the same story told from three uniquely different viewpoints. In Mike’s second post he talks about how he’s always been an entrepreneur from day one. George has told me similar stories about himself. Funny thing is, I was most definitely not like that. I didn’t have mini-businesses as… Continue reading


What I Read

In this day and age there’s an overload of information available to us without much effort to get it. If you’re not careful you can spend all day reading books and magazines and blogs, or watching YouTube, DVDs, and TV. Pretty soon the only thing you DO is consume and you forget to actually do anything yourself. The answer is certainly not to cut yourself off from the world. Business owner or not, the information available to us you can help improve the quality of… Continue reading


Download My Marketing eBook for FREE

We’ve made the decision to make my Faceup Web Marketing eBook available for free download.  After filling out the form on the eBook page you’ll be emailed a link to download the book directly. I updated the book last week, and it now includes updated information on keyword research tools, link building, Google AdWords, and more…in addition to all of the topics outlined on the eBook page. I’m hoping this: Helps spread what I’ve learned in SEO/web marketing in the past few years to all… Continue reading


We Got Our Money Back

At 12:34:28 PM this afternoon George sent us all a message via Skype: good news fuckers, time to party – reopened 40k line What ensued in our chat room was an onslaught of remarks that were an equal mix of extreme joy and extreme slandering of Bank of America and everyone who works there. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier in my life. It was only about 28 hours since this fiasco began yesterday, but losing an important $40k line of credit sent my… Continue reading


How We Lost $40k Before Noon Today

Small business finance is a tricky thing.  Contrary to popular belief, more startups are funded on debt than on equity and Pure Adapt falls into that category.  We value our stock immensely and would prefer to intelligently manage our debt as opposed to giving up equity.  Up until this morning, that process had worked out well for us.  At any given point we generally have about as much revolving debt as the value of our Detailed Image inventory – which is pretty good considering if… Continue reading


Melinda Gates is Amazing

To replace the remaining issues of my subscription to the now-defunct Business 2.0 Magazine I was given a subscription to Fortune. Surprisingly, I really like it. I learned about this sick web based golf game, and more importantly I was able to take a lot away from their amazing article on Melinda Gates – her first ever profile in a major magazine. We all knew that she was one of the worlds largest philanthropists, and that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation does great things… Continue reading


Dominating With Our Shopping Cart

In my post earlier this morning I mentioned that this was probably the most productive week of my life. It’s partly because I’ve become an early riser, but mostly because we’ve had such success with the Detailed Image shopping cart that it’s eliminated a lot of the questions we had about our company direction. The back-end automation, SEO friendliness, and built-in upsell system have more than doubled sales and we’ve recognized that continued efforts in e-commerce are probably our best chance at using our skills… Continue reading