Not The Only Pure Adapt Blogger Anymore

I’ve really enjoyed my 2+ years of blogging. I’ve met a ton of great people, I’ve received a lot of “thanks, your site helped me” emails that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and it’s been a very therapeutic exercise for me. I think the inherit bias of seeing Pure Adapt through my eyes is a great thing because it shows how I feel about our company and our future. But there are three other partners, each equal owners, and sometimes I think my bias isn’t necessarily the best thing in the world for our “public” perception because anyone researching our company only sees things from my uniquely individual perspective.

The other guys have long discussed starting their own blogs, and I’m happy to announce that on 1/1 George launched his blog An Entrepreneurs Life Journey. Words can’t express how happy I am for George, and how cool I think it will be for readers of both of our blogs. I anticipate a lot of trackback posts back and forth as we comment, contradict, or expand upon each other’s insights. It will give people a completely different side of Pure Adapt, and on a larger scale a look at the life of another young entrepreneur. The more resources and documentation that becomes available about what it’s really like to run a business in your twenties, the easier it will be for people do decipher if it’s truly for them or not. By far, that’s my #1 goal for this blog and I think adding George (and hopefully the other guys in the future) to the fold makes things a hell of a lot more interesting, fun, and resourceful.

In his second post entitled Things to Accomplish in 2008 George outlined his goals for the new year and – not surprisingly – I have many of the same goals. My personal goals are more subtle and simple (essentially – spend less time working and find a better living situation…and sleep better), but that first business goal is the one that really caught my eye.

Have at least 1 month this year reach gross revenue of $83,333.34

Funny, that just happens to be my #1 business goal as well :). Of course, I suppose business partner are supposed to have the same goals so maybe that’s not a big deal. However, we’ve never formally outlined our goals for 2008 so I was pretty pumped to see we’re thinking along the same lines.

We’re past the point of learning and moral victories being our primary goals. Those things are still important, but 2008 is time to execute at our peak and hit on all cylinders as a business. The best way to measure that is – in my opinion – by setting a revenue goal.

Why $83,334? Multiply that bad boy by 12 and you’ll get your answer :). It’s the minimum amount of revenue needed to have annual revenue over $1 million. Will we do $1 million in 2008? No – but one month on that pace means we sure as hell can do it in 2009. I’ve always been a bit hesitant to throw out our financial info because I generally don’t see it pertinent (for some, financial success is $50k/year in revenue with $45k/year profit…enough to live happily…so who am I to say what you should be shooting for financially), but in this situation George already let the cat out of the bag so f*ck it. The crazy part: we’re not that far away, and if we keep doing what we’re doing (and find some decent warehouse/office space like yesterday) I think it’s very feasible.

Man, 2008 could be really fun. And if you want the full Pure Adapt experience, be sure to subscribe to George’s blog as well.

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