Dominating With Our Shopping Cart

In my post earlier this morning I mentioned that this was probably the most productive week of my life. It’s partly because I’ve become an early riser, but mostly because we’ve had such success with the Detailed Image shopping cart that it’s eliminated a lot of the questions we had about our company direction. The back-end automation, SEO friendliness, and built-in upsell system have more than doubled sales and we’ve recognized that continued efforts in e-commerce are probably our best chance at using our skills to thrive as a company.

Before doing much with the cart though, we needed to clean it up a lot and add several common features that it previously lacked. Since it’s 100% custom programmed, the end result is a seamless e-commerce experience for both us and our customers that – in our opinion – isn’t rivaled by any shopping cart.

For example, with our soon-to-launch affiliate program you can apply simply by clicking a button in your ‘My Account’ section. There’s not a second registration like most sites require, and you can manage everything DI related by visiting that single ‘My Account’ page.

Anyway, in addition to Mike’s redesign and his blog redesign, I was able to complete the programming (with the aid and advice of our entire team of course) for the following features in this past week:

  • Improved upsell system javascript to be more efficient and more visually appealing (example product page)
  • Created the aforementioned affiliate program
  • Integrated wholesale pricing tiers
  • Created phone order system
  • Added the ability for us to offer packages of items (and still have our inventory system updated correctly)
  • Added gift certificates
  • Product review system for every one of our products
  • Fixed a pesky SSL problem that was causing a warning in IE7

Far and away my most accomplished week ever. Hell, if we can do all that in a week, what can we do in a few more months?

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