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Following in George’s footsteps, Mike has launched a blog at to chronicle his entrepreneurshp experience. Now this is getting cool – we’ve got 3/4th of our company blogging, and anyone subscribing to all three will get the same story told from three uniquely different viewpoints.

In Mike’s second post he talks about how he’s always been an entrepreneur from day one. George has told me similar stories about himself. Funny thing is, I was most definitely not like that. I didn’t have mini-businesses as a kid like these guys, and I never even considered running a business as an option until I started working internships in college. I suppose this re-kindles the born vs. bred debate. Is it possible the answer is both?

Anyway, I also love Mike’s design:

Michael Li’s Blog

We were sitting in the movie theater a few weeks ago waiting for Juno to start (and saving seats for George and his girlfriend who were running late) when I said “you know what would be cool? A side-scrolling blog.” You could see Mike’s eyes light up and he immediately started planning it out in his head. That night he started designing it, and this is the finished product. Once he gets post #3 up you’ll see how you can side-scroll through the posts. So freaking cool.

Greg – you’re the only one left not blogging. You’re on the clock…

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  1. Adam says:

    C’mon Greg! Everyone’s doing it!!

    Thanks to Adam and Mike for always being an inspiration.. it’s great to see other young entrepreneurs killin’ it online!

    You guys rule!!!

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