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Cutting it Close – Time to Step Up

I bet you think I just haven’t been posting much this week because we’ve been busy getting acclimated to the warehouse. Right? Right? Nope – I caught a wicked cold and have spent most of the week home sick getting very little accomplished. This was supposed to be the week where I started my ‘new’ routine, but that’ll have to wait until next week. Speaking of next week, we could end up spending the majority of the week working with the oil company trying to… Continue reading


Operating From the Warehouse Today

As soon as I wrote my last post about our moving time chaos, Murphy went into hiding an everything started going right for us.  Friday we packed everything.  Saturday we spent the entire day moving, but we were able to do it in two truckloads and the weather turned out to not be all that bad.  Sunday George and Greg loaded all of the products on to shelving units while Mike and I set up the computers and the network (our Sprint Mobile Broadband Card… Continue reading


Moving Time Chaos

Today we finally start the move to our warehouse.  All week long Murphy’s Law  – whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way – has been in full effect.  Among my favorites: The hard drive on George’s brand new laptop died yesterday, and his most recent backup was the end of January.  He has been the main point of contact for everything move-related, so this was a big hit.  Remember to back up your files… Continue reading


The Best Way to Raise Money? Don’t Pay Yourself

It’s the dirty little secret of running a business. I hear about it all the time, but rarely hear it publicized. It’s glossed over by Karen Northup of Corefino in this Churchill Club Video, and it’s mentioned by store owner Dan Fox in this article: founders of seemingly successful businesses who don’t take a penny of salary for themselves. The reasoning is quite simple: it’s expensive to run a business, and faced with the choice of paying themselves or furthering the business, most entrepreneurs will… Continue reading


Boy Was I Wrong About That Feature

When it comes to matters of web development and SEO, I’d like to think that more often than not I make the right decisions. When I am wrong, I’d also like to think I learn from the experience, minimize the damage, and apply it to the future. Of course, that’s assuming that being wrong is a bad thing. Last summer, when we first committed to developing the Detailed Image shopping cart ourselves, we had an array of potential features that we had to pear down… Continue reading


There’s Nothing Ballsy About It

We fired our accountant the other day. And we did it with a month left to file our corporate taxes. The reasoning isn’t important – let’s just leave it at: he works for a very reputable firm but we saw nothing but very unprofessional activity from he and his peers throughout our dealings and we wanted to stop the bleeding before it got worse. When I tell people about decisions like this – quitting my job, getting rid of all of our client work, turning… Continue reading


How We Saved $4,000 Down and $140 a Month on Internet

One thing we learned quickly when we started adding up the costs of a warehouse was that everything is more expensive when you’re a business. It’s as if every service provider hears “business” and immediately jacks up the price 50%. As of Monday we had everything squared away except our internet access, which has always been a bitch every time I’ve ever moved. That’s why we got out in front of it and about two weeks ago George put a call in to Time Warner… Continue reading


We Finally Signed Our Lease!

Last night George and I went to the post office and mailed in the final copy of our signed lease. Wow does that feel great! We’ve been looking for a place since back in August, and after having a few places fall through we finally found the perfect location for us. First things first – in our struggles to find the right place we learned that there are a lot of grimey people in this business that are difficult to work with and try to… Continue reading


Hulu is Changing the Way I Watch TV

When hulu – Fox and NBC’s joint online video venture -was announced I didn’t give it much thought. ABC already allows people to view episodes of popular shows online, so I figured this would be much the same. Mike signed up for the private beta but I didn’t bother. After getting his invite Mike told me it was awesome so without much thought I decided to put my name in for the beta and see if I could take it for a spin. Now I’m… Continue reading


Officially Announcing Tastefully Driven

Now that I’ve got all of the client stuff out of my system, I want to “officially” announce our upcoming site Tastefully Driven.  Here’s how it came about: Towards the end of 2007 we realized that our Detailed Image shopping cart was outperforming our expectations and started brainstorming other types of sites where we could ‘copy’ the cart and get similar results, the most obvious being a re-branding of many of the cleaning supplies on DI as home electronics care products. Then we had a… Continue reading