Whew – We Dodged a Bullet

You know, for every annoying thing that happens in business and life (like having someone steal your identity and ruin your credit report…still waiting to hear the results of the investigation on that one), something really, really lucky happens where you realize you just dodged a major bullet. Such was the case the other day when Greg informed me that a warehouse we nearly moved into just became engulfed in flames.

Clark Park Fire

COLONIE, N.Y. – There’s no word this morning on the extent of damage caused in a building fire in Colonie.

Around 9:30 Thursday night firefighters say the second floor of 4 Walker Way was engulfed when they arrived. Several businesses are located there including Empire Martial Arts.

There’s no word this morning on the extent of damage caused in a building fire in Colonie.

No one was hurt.

Whew! That would have SUCKED if we just moved in and lost everything! Sure we’ve got business insurance for these situations, but who knows how long a claim would take to go through and how long we’d be sidelined from growing our company.

Here’s what happened: Greg had looked at the place a few months back and – at the time – we decided we liked it but it was a bit too expensive. However, after we had our second lease negotiation fall through, we began to reconsider this place. We far exceeded revenue projections in November and December and after seeing what was out there we decided we’d take the place if it was still available. Thankfully that day we found a far better place in Guilderland and we never called these guys back. We should be moving in the next few weeks and it looks like we avoided a catastrophe (I’ll do a post about this once we sign the final draft of the lease. Given our history, I think it’s best to wait until everything is set in stone before blabbing about the spot).

2 comments on Whew – We Dodged a Bullet

  1. jennsquared says:

    Man that was close! Glad to see you doing so well! You will be happy to know that I am opening my own yarn shop in CT! 🙂 Still at good ole Schick (Frank got fired by the way). I finally subscribed your blog via google reader so now I will get all your posts!!! 🙂

    Take care!

  2. Adam McFarland says:


    Great to hear from you! It’s definitely been a while…. I also just subscribed to your blog so I can keep up with what’s going on in your world. Congrats on opening your own yarn shop, that’s definitely right up your alley.

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