Officially Announcing Tastefully Driven

Now that I’ve got all of the client stuff out of my system, I want to “officially” announce our upcoming site Tastefully Driven.  Here’s how it came about:

  • Towards the end of 2007 we realized that our Detailed Image shopping cart was outperforming our expectations and started brainstorming other types of sites where we could ‘copy’ the cart and get similar results, the most obvious being a re-branding of many of the cleaning supplies on DI as home electronics care products.
  • Then we had a handful of other site ideas before that one ‘ah ha’ moment:  all of our ideas all focused around high quality products that appeal to upper-middle class males in the 25-40 age group.  Why not start a whole site around premium male products – be it health and fitness, electronics care, cologne, or just about anything else you could think of.  The site would have several different “stores” within it, but would all be seamlessly tied together into the same shopping cart.
  • In addition to the obvious SEO benefit of keeping everything in one place, we’d only be maintaining one site instead of many.  We’d also – and this is the big kicker – be able to build a community around the shopping cart because of the commonality among product lines.  If you’re into nice cars, you’re probably into good wine and nice clothes, for example.
  • We had previously purchased the domain to use for a future car forum, but fell in love with it because in our minds it signifies someone who is “intrinsically driven by tasteful products”.

So sometime around the beginning of December we made the decision that Tastefully Driven would be our future.  Since incorporating Pure Adapt Inc in December of 2006, we’ve really only focused on growing existing sites like DI and SportsLizard and have yet to do one project from scratch as a team.  This is finally that project, and above all else we need the camaraderie that comes with doing something all together.

From a programming standpoint, Mike and I have been working ridiculous hours the past few months to turn this cart into something that’s measurably superior to DI…or any shopping cart short of Amazon or that I’ve experienced.  We’re probably 90% done with the design and development of the site, which is cool because we’re not launching until 4/1 and we’ll actually have time to pre-market the splash page and acquire email addresses (something I’ve never had the luxury of doing before).

At the earliest we’ll be moving into our warehouse next weekend, which leaves about a month and a half to contact vendors, get approved for accounts with them, receive our first orders, input the items into the database, photo them, and put up content around them on the site.  So while programatically we’re waaaay ahead, this side of it is going to be tight.  George is up to his neck in warehouse-related stuff right now, so hopefully once that’s settled he’ll be able to dig in and take care of this before it becomes a real issue.  And I suppose that this is not too big of a problem to have considering all of the other potential issues out there.

So if you get a chance, head over to and sign up on the splash page.  We’ll be giving out $100 gift certificates randomly to people who sign up (the number is not yet determined….if we get 1,000 emails we’ll do a few, but if we get 10,000 we might do 10 or 20).

 Tastefully Driven

Also, special thanks to Scott Middleton who emailed me a correction to the layout on the splash page that he saw in his browser.  Clearly we threw that up quickly and didn’t give it the QC attention we normally give a page.  It’s all fixed now 🙂

3 comments on Officially Announcing Tastefully Driven

  1. jennsquared says:

    That is really smart! You just gave me some ideas for my yarn shop 🙂

  2. I find lots of common ground with you as a fellow young entrepreneur! ie: the sleeping schedule thing, having those “ah-ha!” moments, and site beta and pre-launches. Your concept sounds really good… I think you will do quite well! There was an article in Business 2.0 a while back about a similar business concept that another site was using… I wish I could remember what it was. Anyhow.. good luck and say motivated, because the journey feels long, but it gets easier with time. *=)

  3. Adam McFarland says:

    Jenn – glad I could help 🙂

    Terra – thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read. It’s always nice to meet other YE’s…and drop me an email if you come across that Biz 2.0 article. Great mag, it’s a shame it got canned.

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