There’s Nothing Ballsy About It

We fired our accountant the other day. And we did it with a month left to file our corporate taxes. The reasoning isn’t important – let’s just leave it at: he works for a very reputable firm but we saw nothing but very unprofessional activity from he and his peers throughout our dealings and we wanted to stop the bleeding before it got worse.

When I tell people about decisions like this – quitting my job, getting rid of all of our client work, turning down a questionable lease to a place we loved, saying ‘no’ to a potential partnership with an industry leader, etc – I usually get the same reaction: “wow, that was a ballsy move”.

Not really. I/we are just doing what we believe to be right. Right for everyone personally, right for our company, right for the other party, and morally and ethically right. When I’m faced with a decision like that, it’s usually pretty easy to make the correct call if I’m honest with myself and how I feel. When it’s a decision that involves my partners we usually call a meeting, express how we all feel, make a decision within an hour, and move on. Honestly, there’s really nothing ballsy about it. You only get one shot at life and it seems more ballsy to me to identify a problem and do nothing about it.

Often times the fear of the resulting situation outweighs the reality. We solved our accounting issue with relative ease within a day. On short notice we called in a favor with a part-time accountant we know to handle this years taxes, and we have gotten several referrals for next year. We’ll start calling in May once tax season is done, and again we’ll work hard throughout the year to establish the type of working relationship we expect. I’d rather start from scratch every year until we find the right one than continue to invest in a bad relationship.

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  1. jennsquared says:

    I agree. It is only the right thing to do. Otherwise it just grows slowly like cancer until it explode. Good move.

  2. Michael Li says:

    That’s how we roll. It’s not like we don’t discuss these problems as a company. We go over our major problems as a team and make a decision that’s best for the company.

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