Boy Was I Wrong About That Feature

When it comes to matters of web development and SEO, I’d like to think that more often than not I make the right decisions. When I am wrong, I’d also like to think I learn from the experience, minimize the damage, and apply it to the future.

Of course, that’s assuming that being wrong is a bad thing.

Last summer, when we first committed to developing the Detailed Image shopping cart ourselves, we had an array of potential features that we had to pear down before launching. If we didn’t, we’d have spent six months doing what we needed to take three. The majority of the most important features made the cut, and it was easy to wait upon the rest…except for one that really sparked some discussion: packages.

My rationale was that there was no need to have pre-made packages for people if we had our dynamic upsell system. So we launched in September without packages, and eventually added them in January. I spent less than a day programming the feature (the inventory management on the back end was what made it somewhat challenging), but for the most part I did it because George and Greg wanted it done…not because I really thought it would make a difference.

I was wrong. REALLY wrong. There isn’t a day that goes by where at least two packages don’t sell. That’s a big deal – take a look at the packages available: most are over $200, and some are close to $1k.

Kudos to my partners for pushing the feature. Hey, I guess if I’ve got to be wrong, it’s good to be wrong in a way that puts more money in our pockets.