Moving Time Chaos

Today we finally start the move to our warehouse.  All week long Murphy’s Law  – whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way – has been in full effect.  Among my favorites:

  • The hard drive on George’s brand new laptop died yesterday, and his most recent backup was the end of January.  He has been the main point of contact for everything move-related, so this was a big hit.  Remember to back up your files kids!
  • I’ve been jumping through hoops trying to get my identity theft situation cleaned up.  I’m one step away from getting my lawyer involved.
  • The National Weather Service has issued a snow advisory for the next two days while we’ll be moving.  Because loading stuff on and off a huge truck and driving several 30 mile round-trips isn’t hard enough, we now have the element of snow to deal with.  There are just enough hills on the way there to make it a challenging drive.

Despite the general stress of moving, taking no salary, and all of the obstacles getting in our way, it’s a really exciting time for us.  The silver lining in this week is Detailed Image sales are just going bonkers, which bodes well for the busy spring time just around the corner.  I’ve also had good luck contacting vendors and placing initial orders for Tastefully Drive, which is a good sign.  Overall I think we all are a bit over-stressed and are working with the mentality “if we can just get through the weekend, everything will be OK”.

Today we’ll be packing up, with tomorrow being the big move day.  I’m going to try to remember my camera to take some pics.

3 comments on Moving Time Chaos

  1. Adam GIlbert says:

    Haha I love the attitude though man. Pretty soon, you’ll be reflecting on these posts and laughing at all of this…but the great thing is – you know you will be too!

    Yes, take pictures bro and drive slow!!!


  2. Jimmy says:

    Congrats! I love this blog and how real you guys are.

  3. […] soon as I wrote my last post about our moving time chaos, Murphy went into hiding an everything started going right for us.  Friday we packed everything.  […]

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