Cutting it Close – Time to Step Up

I bet you think I just haven’t been posting much this week because we’ve been busy getting acclimated to the warehouse. Right? Right? Nope – I caught a wicked cold and have spent most of the week home sick getting very little accomplished. This was supposed to be the week where I started my ‘new’ routine, but that’ll have to wait until next week.

Speaking of next week, we could end up spending the majority of the week working with the oil company trying to figure out why our heater mysteriously stopped working today. That should be fun.

With the move and everything that it has involved, combined with George and I being sick the past few weeks, and George losing his laptop to repair for 2 weeks, I would have expected sales to have struggled. Nope. Detailed Image exceeded expectations by about $15k of additional revenue for February. We’ve spent so much time on total BS this month that sales weren’t doing so great I think I’d be in full-out panic mode.

Is there a point to all of this rambling? Yup. All of this has put us behind the 8 ball a bit with Tastefully Driven. A month ago we were way ahead of schedule, and now we’re cutting it really, really close. The site will launch 4/1 regardless (I’ll make sure of that), but I want it to launch 4/1 with 100% of our pre-marketing plan executed (haven’t started yet…eh) and 100% of the rest of our marketing – like our PPC – prepared.

I’ve also learned that vendors move slow as shit. Every vendor I’ve contacted for Tastefully Driven has been extremely receptive to Pure Adapt and has bought in to the Tastefully Driven concept…which is great. Once they’re sold however, I basically say “we need to place an order ASAP, how fast can I pay you?”. The majority have taken weeks to place the first order, and then weeks to ship the first order. Wtf.

In most cases we’re working direct with product manufacturers, which is an archaic world where fax machines still get more use than computers. One company even told Greg that they charge extra to “ship to companies south of the Mason-Dixon Line”. The Mason-Dixon Line??? Is this 1820 or 2008? Thanfully we are NORTH of the Mason-Dixon line. Whew.

To take product photos, take initial inventory, stock shelves, etc, we really need to have everything in our hands by the middle of March….which I’m confident won’t happen for all of our products at this point. There’s a chance that 75% of it will be here by the end of next week, but the other 25% are going to be pushing it. We could literally be receiving products the last few days of March and photoing them on 3/30 or 3/31. Lesson learned: contact new vendors 3-6 months before you plan to begin selling their products.

Does TD have to launch on 4/1? Of course not. Nothing has to be done. But I won’t let us screw this launch up, even if it means working every waking second the next month to get it right. A few unforeseen road blocks only motivate the shit out of me. In a way, the more daunting the task, the more focused and driven I am to get it done. The easy thing to do would be to postpone the launch to 5/1 – but that’s just not how I work.