February 2008 Archives

How To Do Client Work Right

While it’s on my mind, I want to reflect on how I think client work can be done correctly.  By ‘correctly’ I mean being happy with the work you’re doing, not being over-worked, making plenty of profit, and satisfying your clients.  It can be done – I know people who do it – but it certainly wasn’t for myself or Pure Adapt. Based on my experiences, these are the rules you should strictly adhere to if you want to do client work right: Charge what… Continue reading


How I Feel a Day Later

That didn’t really go as I expected at all. Here’s what I thought would happen: Most people would question the business decision to get rid of clients. I know we went back and forth on it a lot, and clients have always been a source of revenue for me long before Pure Adapt, so there is a risk involved of cutting yourself off completely from that revenue. Clients would get back to me ASAP and my phone/email would be blowing up with questions. I’d have… Continue reading


Saying Goodbye to Our Clients

Business decisions are rarely easy, and are almost never cut and dry. Last week we made the difficult decision to stop performing client services effective 3/1/2008 and focus solely on our sites. It certainly wasn’t an easy one, but it is something that we had to do. There are only four of us. Providing top-notch design, development, seo, marketing, ppc management, and hosting is hard work and your entire company needs to be focused on those things to give your clients the attention and quality… Continue reading


Whew – We Dodged a Bullet

You know, for every annoying thing that happens in business and life (like having someone steal your identity and ruin your credit report…still waiting to hear the results of the investigation on that one), something really, really lucky happens where you realize you just dodged a major bullet. Such was the case the other day when Greg informed me that a warehouse we nearly moved into just became engulfed in flames. COLONIE, N.Y. – There’s no word this morning on the extent of damage caused… Continue reading


Setting Up Positive Reinforcement

About a month ago there was a problem with the automated inventory system that I built for Detailed Image.  Whenever I ran tests it worked fine, but Greg kept telling me it was off.  After looking into the issue, I made a fix that I thought would solve the problem, but certainly couldn’t be 100% sure until we saw it live.  We need accurate inventory for accounting and re-ordering, so I decided we should figure out how accurate the system was sooner rather than later…. Continue reading