March 2008 Archives

Climbing UAlbany for the American Lung Association

This morning bright and early the Pure Adapt team participated in the annual “Climb UAlbany” event for the American Lung Association. Each of us raised money in sponsorships to climb the 22 story Colonial Quad at the University of Albany. Our team was formed by our kickass lawyer David Green, and the ten of us that participated on the team were able to raise over $1,000 to benefit the ALA of New York State. According to the website, the total raised was $27,531! We originally… Continue reading


What You Can Control

As of today we are waiting for one last shipment and we will have all of our inventory for the Tastefully Driven launch. I spoke to my contact at the last remaining company today, and he assured us that our shipment will arrive by Friday. Kind of cutting it close, but it looks like we’ll make it. Whew. However, if we didn’t (or don’t) make it, there’s only so much we could do about it. When our heat stopped working because the oil company screwed… Continue reading


Carpooling Doesn’t Save Me Money

Let’s be clear about something: carpooling or using alternative transportation is absolutely great for the environment. That’s not what this post is about. This post is directed to everyone who says “I love carpooling, it saves me so much money.” See, most people I know carpool for just that reason: to save money. But do you really save money? Consider the example of my three partners and I. Let’s say that all four of us carpool to our warehouse for four days each week. It’s… Continue reading


Trying Out a New Schedule

One of the things we were most looking forward to when moving to our warehouse was having FedEx come daily to pick up all of our shipments. Previously Greg and George were driving any customer orders over to the local FedEx from Greg’s house where the products were stored. It’s worked out great – FedEx comes around 3:30 every day, which in theory means everyone can leave by 4 if they want to. However – the flip side of the issue is receiving shipments, which… Continue reading


Less Than 2 Weeks Until TD Launch

I’m starting to realize that this 4/1/2008 launch date for Tastefully Driven was a bit aggressive.  We didn’t realize how much time would be wrapped up in settling into the warehouse.  Nor did we consider how much extra work we’d need to put in as Detailed Image was expanding and reaching record levels in sales.  After all, there’s just four of us.  If I had it to do all over again, I would have pushed for 5/1. That’s what makes it all the more amazing… Continue reading


An Inspirational Story

I dare you to read this story and not shed a tear. A few weeks back I wrote a post about learning resilience from being an entrepreneur. In reality, my adversity has been self-manufactured and will ultimately be somewhat self-serving. While there’s certainly something to be said for self-induced sacrifice now for a better future, it’s not the same as facing true adversity caused by elements out of your control. This is a story of overcoming true adversity. When I was growing up there was… Continue reading


Averting a Customer Service Nightmare

I don’t much mention SportsLizard or the Price Guide anymore, but it is still alive and kicking.  I’ve got it down to a science where I probably only spend less than 5 hours a week to maintain the site.  The Price Guide is at about 30,000 users but – because of our inline help and FAQ – requires very little customer service.  Premium accounts are only a small fraction of that, but we still make over $1k/month on them for doing essentially nothing. However, this… Continue reading


Ecommerce For Non-Programmers

I got this email the other day from a loyal reader named George. About half-way through my response I thought to myself “this might make a good post” so I asked George and he was kind enough to let me post our conversation. ——————————— Adam- Your blog is an inspiration and I think what you put up really helps out budding entrepreneurs as well as those wanting to become one. I had a few questions as I am interested in starting up an ecommerce site…. Continue reading


Apparently Oil is Expensive and Burns Fast

Our heating adventure continues. When we moved we knew we had ~1,000 gallon oil tank, but when the oil company came and told us it was just short of full, we were happy to only put in 27 gallons. Then our heat went out after a few days in the warehouse. Four days later, the oil company came and essentially said “our bad, the tank was really empty last time we came” and put in 850 gallons. The bill for that fill up ran us… Continue reading


Having Non-Work Related Goals

Today I was planning on writing a post about the startup life and the mentality required to live it, but Adam Gilbert stole my thunder…by using the EXACT same quote I had written on my index card this morning. Adam basically summed up my thoughts in his conclusion: If I’m going to do something then I might as well be doing something remarkable/great/worth doing/worth talking about. Otherwise, why bother? So let’s say you’re like Adam and my partners and I, and you have the privilege… Continue reading