The Tastefully Driven Wall

A few weeks back Mike ordered a bunch of Tastefully Driven promo cards, which essentially say “Tastefully Driven: 4.1.08”.  We’ve sent batches to friends around the country, handed them out to our friends and family around here, and even just (like 20 minutes ago) slipped one into our bill at TGI Fridays.  However, despite our best efforts we still have a crapload of these things sitting around.

After becoming frustrated with my master plan of building a huge card tower, Mike and I decided to turn one of the walls in the warehouse into a big “TD” with the cards….pretty cool huh?

Tastefully Driven Wall

I also got off what I thought was a solid pre-launch post about the most and least Tastefully Driven athletes.  George and Mike are working on several more similar posts for the next few days.  My gut (and experience) tells me that if we do 20 similar posts that one of them will get “the digg effect” and bring in a wave of traffic.  If it does, we’ll be a step ahead of the game.  If it doesn’t, we’ll still be getting the site indexed and getting some attention prior to launch.

I’ll post a little more in the coming days about our overall launch strategy.  It is most definitely a challenge balancing programming, content development, quality control testing,  pre-launch marketing, prep for regular marketing, placing initial inventory orders, etc.  As of now we’re a little more tight on time than I’d like, but overall we’re in pretty good shape for everything to come together on time.

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  1. Adam Gilbert says:

    This is great Adam. I like this strategy a lot.

    I think the best thing to do is to just WOW the early customers you get no matter how many or few there are.

    The best way to gain word of mouth is not by asking but by simply doing things that are remarkable.

    Remarkable meaning so good that the person feels the need to remark on it…

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