What You Can Control

As of today we are waiting for one last shipment and we will have all of our inventory for the Tastefully Driven launch. I spoke to my contact at the last remaining company today, and he assured us that our shipment will arrive by Friday. Kind of cutting it close, but it looks like we’ll make it. Whew.

However, if we didn’t (or don’t) make it, there’s only so much we could do about it. When our heat stopped working because the oil company screwed up, we really couldn’t control that. When a manufacturer runs out of an ingredient in a product and delays an order by a month, there’s not much we can do. When one of us gets the flu and we’re operating at 75% capacity, we can’t do much about that either.

For an entrepreneur who loves being in control, it can be frustrating as hell. It seems like nothing ever goes the way you plan it. What can you do? Ultimately you have two choices: whine and complain and be miserable, or try to make the best of every situation.

What I can control every day:

  1. How hard I work.
  2. How well I treat others.
  3. How well I treat myself (eating well, sleeping enough, exercising, having some fun, and not beating myself up over minute mistakes I make).

The rest relies on forces outside of my control. So why worry? Besides, mastering those three things is hard enough 🙂