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How Our Energy Problems Will Be Solved

The other day I went to the pump and filled up my 2008 VW Rabbit.  With gas in my neck of the woods well over $4/gallon, it cost me nearly $60 to fill up my 14.5 gallon tank.  $60!  Dude, I drive a freaking Rabbit!  It’s like the smallest car ever. It might not happen tomorrow.  It might not happen next week.  But if things keep going the way they are going gas prices are going to drastically change our lives.  Food and shipping prices… Continue reading


Some Amazing Nature Photos

In my Back on Track post I wrote about how I took a day off and hiked by myself in Thacher Park.  Increasingly I’m finding that the more time I spend doing enjoyable outdoors things like hiking and playing basketball, the more relaxed and focused I am when it comes time to work.  Afterwards my partners and I started talking about all of the great local spots for hiking.  Turns out that George and my roommate Gary had never been to Thacher Park, and Mike… Continue reading


More on Micro-Innovating

A few months back I wrote a post entitled Micro-Innovating Every Day: Ideas are a very, very small part of the majority of great innovations. Most great innovations come from a recognition of a recurring problem that a company encounters repeatedly and has the foresight to come up with a creative solution. It’s less about ideas and more about discovering opportunities that other people have failed to see or exploit. Most of the time, you only find those opportunities if you are working passionately at… Continue reading


Looking for Writers for Tastefully Driven

We’re looking to grow and expand the presence of the Tastefully Driven Lifestyle Blog and we need some help to get us there. We don’t just want the blog to supplement the e-commerce portion of the site, we want it to be one of the main reasons that people visit the site. In a way, we’re treating it as a separate business – grow the scope and readership of the blog and there will naturally be a trickle-down effect in terms of traffic and links… Continue reading


Productive Output: What the 9 – 5 Misses and Why I’m Done with a 40 Hour Workweek

As any college student will tell you, scheduling classes is an art form. My first semester I didn’t have much choice and had to take whatever was available. My second semester I loaded up on Monday and Thursday and had the rest of the week off. It sucked – Mondays and Thursdays wore me out and the rest of the week I had to spend 10 hours doing homework. My third semester I put large gaps between my classes so I’d have time to get… Continue reading


Back on Track

Last week was supposed to be a laid back week for me.  I moved to a new apt the week prior so I just wanted to take some time to settle into the new living situation. Obviously with our server issues that didn’t happen.  The stress/frustration caught up with me and – despite the site move going relatively well – I was on the edge of being burnt out.  Obviously it was a cumulative thing that accrued over the past 2+ years and didn’t just… Continue reading


Book Review: Internet Riches – The Simple Money-Making Secrets of Online Millionaires

I’m lucky enough to have somehow gotten on the American Management Association’s list of bloggers to send advanced copies of books to. I’d say I get around ten requests a year from the AMA and other organizations asking me to review their books. While always flattered, I’ve been saying no more and more recently because of my last experience. But when the AMA contacted me with a book entitled Internet Riches I had to say yes. My initial thought was “this is going to be… Continue reading


We’re Live!

Finally at 11:50 AM a day later Detailed Image is up and running and orders started coming through immediately.  Having a dedicated server with a dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM is fast…very fast.  I’m liking this already.  Considering when I started out with SportsLizard I barely could navigate my own control panel, I think I did a pretty good job under pressure to set up and config the server for the first time. For the one issue I had, Liquid Web’s support passed… Continue reading


12 Hour Update

Before moving Detailed Image to the new server I decided to move  The reasoning behind this was two-fold:  it would give me a test run with a site that wasn’t super important and it also was preferred to move this overnight because our email hosting with Google takes a little while to configure. Around 10 PM last night I started running into issues with cPanel.  Of course, being a server newbie I decided I did something wrong.  I didn’t.  Finally at 3 AM I… Continue reading


Game Time

Today was just one of those days where everything that could go wrong went wrong.  When it rains, it pours, and the flood gates were open today.  The good news is that our server problems are now in our control:  the server is up and running so it’s just a matter of me migrating the files and databases and making everything play nice before changing the domain nameservers to our new server. Last week – when I was in a decidedly better mood – I… Continue reading