12 Hour Update

Before moving Detailed Image to the new server I decided to move PureAdapt.com.  The reasoning behind this was two-fold:  it would give me a test run with a site that wasn’t super important and it also was preferred to move this overnight because our email hosting with Google takes a little while to configure.

Around 10 PM last night I started running into issues with cPanel.  Of course, being a server newbie I decided I did something wrong.  I didn’t.  Finally at 3 AM I gave up and contacted Liquid Web support.  The good news is that they passed the test and fixed the problem with the server configuration within an hour.

So after a quick nap it’s now 7:40 AM and I’m finally getting to Detailed Image.  Should be up by early afternoon at the latest.

Side story – last night around 9 PM I decided to run to the grocery store because I was completely out of food.  With my mind pre-occupied, I basically ran around like a chicken with my head cut off, completely taking the longest possible route in the history of grocery shopping to pick up 11 items.  I couldn’t possibly have gone back and forth from one side of the store to another without forgetting something any more times than I did.