We’re Live!

Finally at 11:50 AM a day later Detailed Image is up and running and orders started coming through immediately.  Having a dedicated server with a dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM is fast…very fast.  I’m liking this already.  Considering when I started out with SportsLizard I barely could navigate my own control panel, I think I did a pretty good job under pressure to set up and config the server for the first time.

For the one issue I had, Liquid Web’s support passed the test – I received THREE emails from them between 4 AM and now.  The first was acknowledgment of the issue and a note that he was looking into it (not an automated response, but a real person!).  This was only about an hour after I submitted the help ticket.  Then – after the issue was fixed a few hours later – I got another email from the same person asking me if everything was OK and providing me with some info on what happened.  Finally, I just got a courtesy email from a customer support manager asking if everything went OK and how I was doing with the new server.  I’m impressed.

I am now about 1,000% more knowledgeable in less than a day of doing this stuff.  Every other issue I ran into I was able to find a tutorial or video to watch somewhere online to help me learn what I needed to do.  The best part is that now we’ve got all of this under our control and moving forward we aren’t relying on someone else.

Only bad news is that our business insurance doesn’t kick in until 72 hours of downtime, so we aren’t going to get much (if anything) from our claim.  Oh well, at least we’re familiarizing ourselves with the process.  According to George, the insurance company seemed to never have actually processed an e-commerce claim before.  You’d think that would be more common but I guess not.

Personally, I’m worn out.  There’s a lot of work left, but I’m going to take some time off and get away from the chaos sometime in the next week or two once everything is settled.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Good job Adam! Having a dedicated server is definitely nice on a lot of levels. Keep in mind that I’ve been managing a dedicated whm/cpanel server for 4 years now, so if you’re looking for some quick answers, I might be able to help.

  2. Adam McFarland says:

    Thanks Anthony – I was actually going to kick you an email asking you what your config was. Since we’re using whm/cpanel too I’ll definitely be taking you up on that quick advice at some pt.

  3. […] that we run our own server and I can control everything, I can usually fix any issue.  If I can’t, I can call Liquid […]

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