Book Review: Internet Riches – The Simple Money-Making Secrets of Online Millionaires

I’m lucky enough to have somehow gotten on the American Management Association’s list of bloggers to send advanced copies of books to. I’d say I get around ten requests a year from the AMA and other organizations asking me to review their books. While always flattered, I’ve been saying no more and more recently because of my last experience. But when the AMA contacted me with a book entitled Internet Riches I had to say yes. My initial thought was “this is going to be great, I’m going to tear this crappy book apart.” Alas, it actually is a pretty damn good book despite the super cheesy title.

What it is:

  • Author Scott Fox has started several online businesses and has consulted with the likes of Larry King and Bill O’Reilly. He provides a blueprint for anyone to start their own online business.

The Pros:

  • He provides a very accurate, very in-depth history of how companies have made money on the internet in the past and how the internet has evolved over it’s short history.
  • He provides details on everything from choosing a domain name to finding a web host to marketing your business. The step-by-step instructions could be followed by anyone who can write an email. Honestly, I kept looking to poke holes but everything essentially aligns with what I would tell a first time web entrepreneur.
  • He mentions eBay, but – unlike most of these type of books – is very realistic about the ups and downs of eBay. It can be great for your business, but usually isn’t going to make you millions by itself.
  • He preaches over and over the importance of just getting your product to market. So many people spend months/years developing technology instead of testing their business in the market and developing and growing based upon how it goes. You should always be focused on doing the absolute minimum to get your product/service in front of real live customers. Scott and I agree on this, but I’m not sure everyone in business does.

The Cons:

  • The title and the cover. Both are ultra-cheesy and look like they should be featured on a late-night infomercial between Ron Popeil and Tony Little. Thankfully once you open the cover it gets better. It really is a great “reference book” so it should carry a title like How to Build an Internet Business from Scratch…or something less corny.

Who should buy the book:

  • Any first time web entrepreneur. Along with the now slightly out-dated big blue book and a few others, this is a great way to get started on the ins and outs of e-businesses. If you’re already pretty tech/web savvy, it might get boring or redundant at times, but you’ll still get a bunch of great info.

Who shouldn’t buy the book:

  • Anyone who owns a web business or has spent considerable time working for one. I realize I’m not the target market, but I didn’t learn one thing that I could directly apply to our business. Again – lot’s of great info…just nothing I haven’t read myself in my 4+ years reading books, blogs, newsletters, etc related to online business.

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  1. Scott Fox says:

    Hi Adam,
    Thanks very much for the nice review of my book, Internet Riches.
    Agreed about the book title – not my call as a first time author unfortunately. The point of the book (as you obviously figured out) was to intro newbies to the basics – glad that you think it did that.
    As you probably also know by now, I offer regular free email updates to the book’s content at
    Best of luck with your businesses/projects. I’m enjoying following your blog now, too. The real “nuts and bolts” details you are sharing are helpful to everyone.
    Scott Fox

  2. Adam McFarland says:

    Scott –

    Thanks for the comment.

    “Agreed about the book title – not my call as a first time author unfortunately”

    I learn something new everyday. I had no idea that you wouldn’t have the final say about the title. That kind of sucks.

    Hopefully for your next book you’ll be able to choose it 🙂

  3. Thank you for your review of Internet Riches: The Simple Money-making Secrets of Online Millionaires. We appreciate you sharing your opinion and doing the research needed to fairly evaluate the book. We have seen fit to link to this article in our independent Internet Riches Book Reviews section. Anyhow, keep up the good work spreading truth.

  4. Adam McFarland says:

    Cool – thanks guys!

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  6. Is the make money guide an instant download or a physical book? It seems interesting but I want to download it right away rather than waiting a few weeks for shipment.

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