Looking for Writers for Tastefully Driven

We’re looking to grow and expand the presence of the Tastefully Driven Lifestyle Blog and we need some help to get us there. We don’t just want the blog to supplement the e-commerce portion of the site, we want it to be one of the main reasons that people visit the site. In a way, we’re treating it as a separate business – grow the scope and readership of the blog and there will naturally be a trickle-down effect in terms of traffic and links to the e-commerce portion of the site

The goal of the blog is to present a vast array of lifestyle tips, tutorials, videos, articles, and more ranging from sports to technology to fashion…and everything in between. As long as it fits our demographic – men in their twenties and thirties – we consider it fair game for the blog. I wrote a post entitled What You’ve Been Missing on the Tastefully Driven Lifestyle Blog about a month ago if you’re looking to get a flavor for some of my favorite posts.

Overall I think we’re putting up very good posts, but we’d like to post more frequently and with a broader array of topics (we only know so many things well). That’s where you come in: we’re looking for writers to post on the blog. We’d like to start with a post or two, but are willing to make it a more regular thing if both parties feel like they are getting value out of it. If you have an area of expertise like sports, fitness, video games, audio, movies, music, poker, fashion, etc we’d love to have you do a post or series of posts for us.

What do you get out of it? For every post you’ll get a by-line at the beginning of the post (i.e. “By Adam McFarland of Pure Adapt”) with a link to your site and a longer about the author section at the end where you can write a paragraph about your business and link to your sites. You also get a wholesale account to purchase anything we have for sale on Tastefully Driven at a large discount. The discounts vary by item, but you can usually expect 30%+ discounts to start. If this becomes a more long-term thing we’ll increase the discounts. Even if you don’t buy a lot of stuff for yourself, the discounts are great for buying gifts (see our Father’s Day suggestions). I know that most of my friends and family can expect TD gifts for the indefinite future 🙂

The best part – even if you only do one post with us the links stay and you can keep your wholesale account. Drop me an email at adam [at] pureadapt [dot] com if you’re interested.