Some Amazing Nature Photos

In my Back on Track post I wrote about how I took a day off and hiked by myself in Thacher Park.  Increasingly I’m finding that the more time I spend doing enjoyable outdoors things like hiking and playing basketball, the more relaxed and focused I am when it comes time to work.  Afterwards my partners and I started talking about all of the great local spots for hiking.  Turns out that George and my roommate Gary had never been to Thacher Park, and Mike hasn’t been since he was a kid.

So last Saturday we decided to get everyone together and go.  My favorite part about where I live is that I’m less than 15 minutes away from either being downtown in Albany (a relatively major city…around 60th largest in the country I believe) or being in the middle of the mountains.  George took some amazing photos with his Digital SLR camera.  I figured I’d share a few – we’ve each been setting them as backgrounds on our computers because of how awesome they are.  Here’s a link to the full album on Flickr.

The warehouse from a distance…

Thacher Park

 Waterfall off of the cliff…

Thacher Park

Thacher Park

The SportsLizard (a dead lizard that we shaped like an S, couldn’t resist)…

Thacher Park

The waterfall from above…

Thacher Park

Waterfall with the warehouse in the background…

Thacher Park

The city of Albany off in the distance, with mountains from Massachusetts and Vermont in the background…

Thacher Park

And a stream…

Thacher Park

Have a great weekend everybody!  We’re rolling out a couple of cool things for Detailed Image next week that I think could increase sales by a lot, so I’m excited to share once they’re live.

Tonight Mike, George, and I will be heading up to Saratoga with some friends for the first time of the year – amazing Summer bar scene and of course I’ll be eating several famous doughboys at Esperanto…quite possibly the greatest food on Earth.  I believe it’s chicken, chives, cream cheese, and mozzarella wrapped in dough and baked.  It tastes even better smothered in hot sauce – my mouth is watering just thinking about one!

Saratoga Esperanto Doughboy

2 comments on Some Amazing Nature Photos

  1. Awesome images, Adam. What you’re looking at is a salamander, not a lizard. WOW, you have some amazing land up there in upstate NY; I’ll have to plan a hike out there at some point. Hope all is well dude. Enjoy your summer 🙂

  2. Adam McFarland says:

    Damn it, SportsSalamander just doesn’t work…

    Dave – any time you want to come up for a hike just drop me an email or give me a call. It’ll be a good time.

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