May 2008 Archives

Server Problems Suck

We had what we thought was a great situation for our web hosting. One of George’s friends from college runs a small hosting company. The server we are on has only a few sites in addition to ours, is blazing fast (4 GB of RAM I believe), and extremely affordable. While the company was a one man operation, we were generally satisfied with the level of service. All in all, nothing to complain about. Unfortunately on Friday night one of the nameservers (that he does… Continue reading


Wohoo a Paycheck!

Back in February we made the somewhat difficult decision to self-fund our move and expansion by not paying ourselves for three months.  In retrospect, this was a riskier move than I think we all realized.  It’s really, really stressful to see your bank account dwindling without anything to replenish it.  It’s also really, really stressful to work 12 hour days and see nothing in return.  That said, it was the best move we ever could have made. Taking no pay brought us together as a… Continue reading


When Customers Give You an Idea

It’s easy to become jaded and begin to dislike your customers for asking you the same questions over and over again. In a way, who can blame you: 99% of the interactions with customers that most businesses have are repetitive and don’t do much to make you a better business owner. Then – every once in a while – someone comes along and gives you a simple idea that’s so obvious you kick yourself and say “duh, why wasn’t that already on our to-do list?”… Continue reading


Warehouse Hockey

The long hours and constant stress of running a business are offset by the fact that after working a 12 hour day George and I can go back to the warehouse and play a fierce game of warehouse hockey at 10 PM…using our shipping dock as a goal.


Becoming a Web Based Company

Lately I’ve been realizing just how fast technology changes. In December I wrote an article about our company embracing the open source software alternatives: So we came up with a plan. We would have a set of desktop workstations (one to start) that have the full Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection (the $2,500 one) and Microsoft Office Professional 2007. Our laptops would then use the OSALT (open source alternative). Aside from that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from using great open source software, this… Continue reading