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Amazing What a Record Day Can Do For Spirits

As I mentioned last week, weekends have been our busiest time (which does seem counter-intuitive, but whatever, we’ll take it).  Friday afternoon Mike sent out a newsletter with a code for 10% off and free shipping for orders over $75 on Detailed Image.  Combined with some killer daily specials and the DI busy season, the flood gates opened and the sales came pouring on in. George took this photo mid-day of all of the domestic FedEx Ground orders for DI and TD.  This doesn’t include… Continue reading


Linksys WRT54G3G / Sprint Mobile Broadband Review (Hint: Well Worth Every Penny)

Back when we moved into our warehouse we were shocked to find out that there was no high speed internet available in our building.  When we contacted local high speed providers, we quickly realized that adding a line to the building would cost a ton (like either $4,000 down plus $140/mo, or $300/mo with a 5 year commitment).  So our somewhat risky solution was to get a Sprint Mobile Broadband card and use it in conjunction with the Linksys WRT54G3G router below. We didn’t know… Continue reading


8th Grade Graduation

Tonight my little sister Jenna graduated from 8th grade. I accompanied her and my parents to the ceremony held at the high school that I graduated from back in 2000. Being twelve years apart with no siblings in between, I always feel like there’s a huge gap between my generation and her generation. In reality, there really isn’t. Much of what she goes through is the same as what I went through twelve years ago. Take tonight for an example: The principle gives a speech… Continue reading


A Funny Thing About Positive Reinforcement

Back in February I wrote a post about positive reinforcement.  At the time we were just realizing how important it was for all four of us to see the positive feedback that the others get.  The prime example that I used were Detailed Image orders.  At the time we weren’t yet in the warehouse and George and Greg were doing 100% of the shipping of the products.  There was no real “need” for Mike and I to also see the emails every time a sale… Continue reading


The Absolute Hardest Thing To Do For Any Business Owner

I’ve never met a business owner who thought it was easy to take a step back and enjoy what they’ve accomplished. Businesses always have unique problems, issues, things that are unsettled that stress owners out.  It’s because of this that you either fall flat on your face or develop an extreme sense of optimism and a strong work ethic.  Unfortunately those are accompanied by a feeling of constantly being worried that this problem or that problem is going to crumble your business.  The same things… Continue reading


Start-Up Junkies: Must Watch TV (or Hulu I should say)

Hulu has done it again: the TV section has introduced me to another show I never would have known about otherwise. The show is called Start-Up Junkies. On TV it can be found on the HD only channel MOJO, which to be honest I’m not even sure if I get or not…let me run out and check…yup, channel 1855 for anyone subscribed to Time Warner HD service here in Albany. Huh, never had any clue it was there. The show follows the startup adventurs of… Continue reading


Thank You Very Much Microsoft

A few weeks back I read about Microsoft’s new Live.com Cashback program where users actually get “cash back” (catchy huh) if they make purchases on items of participating partners found through Live searches. Intrigued, I looked a bit more into it and realized that advertising partners get charged on a CPA basis, not a CPC basis. Paying by “action” is the holy grail for all advertisers. If I can only pay when someone makes a purchase I take all of the guesswork out of click… Continue reading


Identity Theft Finally Resolved (I think)

Since January I have been fighting to get a fraudulent account removed from my credit report.  In the time after my initial post about this almost six months ago, I have spent hundreds of hours working to get a $517 collection account for Sprint home phone service removed from my credit report (turns out the guy was from Brooklyn, not the Bronx as I had previously reported). Over the past six months I have spent time daily doing fun tasks such as: Filing online disputes… Continue reading


When to Hire: Our Next Big Task

If this first story sounds familiar, it is – I touched upon it in my Productive Output post.  A few weeks ago the owner of a local large online retailer (approx 10x bigger than us) visited the warehouse.  George worked for him prior to starting DI, and he based much of early DI off of this particular website.  After seeing our shipping process on the back-end of our shopping cart, the owner turned George and his co-owner and said “I could fire two employees if… Continue reading


A Really Cool New Detailed Image Feature

Earlier this week we launched a feature called the Detailed Image Daily Special. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds – each day one of our products is on sale for 24 hours. The Daily Special is featured on the homepage with a nifty little countdown clock: A special message and countdown clock are also on the product page in case someone reaches the product from somewhere other than the home page: Here’s how we do it: each night at midnight Eastern time our system… Continue reading