Mike’s Post is on the Red Cross Home Page!

Each of us is so unique that I always am amazed by what my partners can accomplish.  Anyone who follows Mike’s blog knows that he does a “charity of the month” where he profiles a charity and makes a donation. This month he chose the American Red Cross. The other day someone from the Red Cross left a comment:

Hi Michael. I’m Claire from the American Red Cross. Thank you for your endorsement. There are many people in need right now and we are doing everything we can to help.

Then today Mike noticed that a link to his post was on the home page of RedCross.org!  That my friends is NOT an easy link to get.  Congrats to Mike!

Mike Li on the Red Cross Home Page

4 comments on Mike’s Post is on the Red Cross Home Page!

  1. Nev says:

    Oh man,

    I bet all those “Home Loan” and “Credit Card Consolidation” folks would looveee a cushy PR8 pointing their way!


  2. Adam McFarland says:

    Actually, now that you mention it…the link is for sale! We will 301 redirect Mike’s post to your page and you’ll get all sorts of link juice and traffic…nah just kidding.

  3. Nethy says:

    An interesting side note is the shift in value chains that this testifies too.

    1. Mike’s blog is a non-profit (or at least not directly for profit if he’s like you). Yet he is considered by a big, important NGO to be a mini PR jackpot, like . This is a great example of democratisation of media.

    2. Red Cross’s thank you has currency. This is both a product of them needing to ‘buy’ little guys who come cheaper & a consequence of the link juice effects.
    Its also a factor of the fact that a blog can ‘use’ such a link (its a potential way to get readers). GM or Unilever just wouldn’t get to much value from it.

  4. Adam McFarland says:

    Nethy – very, very good points. It is absolutely amazing how much the web has changed PR. For a non-profit like Red Cross, it’s very beneficial for them to get on the good side of bloggers who mention them.

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