The Absolute Hardest Thing To Do For Any Business Owner

I’ve never met a business owner who thought it was easy to take a step back and enjoy what they’ve accomplished.

Businesses always have unique problems, issues, things that are unsettled that stress owners out.  It’s because of this that you either fall flat on your face or develop an extreme sense of optimism and a strong work ethic.  Unfortunately those are accompanied by a feeling of constantly being worried that this problem or that problem is going to crumble your business.  The same things that make it possible for one to succeed in business are the exact qualities that make it difficult to appreciate the hard work done.

For me, this week has been one big crap sandwich filled with twists and turns caused by the growing pains of our business.  It’s seemed like we were completely doomed several times in the past, yet we’re still around.  This is no different – we had a stressful week, but the big picture is still pretty good.  Nonetheless, it’s hard to see that right now we’re already a pretty impressive business, regardless of what the future brings.  Sometimes I even feel guilty for taking a few minutes and telling my partners they did a good job or for taking a moment and admiring what we’ve accomplished.  Not because I think it’s wrong, but because I’ve become conditioned to always pushing towards bigger and better things.  It feels like it’s a sign of weakness to be “content” with the company, if even for a second. Us business owners, we always have something bigger and better down the pipeline.

Then again, my personality is such that I am a pretty genuinely happy guy.  I  am very appreciative for what I have.  I do not lack any of the truly important things in life.  It’s like a personality split that pulls me back and forth.   The drive to do better is a blessing, but the inability to appreciate it when you actually have done better is a curse.  Very frustrating.


Sorry for the lack of posts this week.  I had some good ones planned (or at least ones I thought would be good), but it’s been one of those overly chaotic weeks where even when I do get a free moment to relax or get some work done I’m so frazzled that I cannot think straight.  Not a week where my productive output plan really came into play much, although for all of the other more “normal” weeks I’ve been adhering to it pretty well.