Amazing What a Record Day Can Do For Spirits

As I mentioned last week, weekends have been our busiest time (which does seem counter-intuitive, but whatever, we’ll take it).  Friday afternoon Mike sent out a newsletter with a code for 10% off and free shipping for orders over $75 on Detailed Image.  Combined with some killer daily specials and the DI busy season, the flood gates opened and the sales came pouring on in.

George took this photo mid-day of all of the domestic FedEx Ground orders for DI and TD.  This doesn’t include a handful of international orders (we ship those via USPS) or FedEx Express orders.  It also doesn’t include about 30 orders that we couldn’t ship because products are on back order.

Pure Adapt Boxes

Damn that’s a lot of boxes!

On top of that, Tastefully Driven orders have picked up in the past week or so.  I’ve also been having quite a bit of success finding talented authors to write for us for what we’ve now decided is going to be a re-launch of the blog portion of the site.  Overall, just a great day (well – except I got an email from someone who was upset that the Premium Price Guide Account on SportsLizard costs $4.99/month.  He used the phrase “fuck you” every other sentence, and also ended with “P.S. Fuck You”.  Gotta love people’s manners.  The Price Guide isn’t perfect and definitely has it’s flaws, but it still is a useful tool that makes us good money with no work, so I’ve learned to just ignore any pissy emails that don’t have substance.  I just wrote him back with a link to an article I wrote about various methods of pricing collectibles and wished him luck.  No sense in letting someone like that ruin a great day).

It’s funny – when sales are down or there’s other financial stress, everyone gets a bit down and starts to question everything we do and everything we’ve done.  Admittedly we all take it too far at times (myself included).  Then, when sales are great, we look/act/feel like rock stars who can’t make a mistake. The reality is that we’re somewhere in between.  So is the life of a business owner.

5 comments on Amazing What a Record Day Can Do For Spirits

  1. nethy says:

    Congrats. That is a lot of boxes.

    BTW – ballsy emailing Friday afternoon. Shows that there’s no such thing as an actual ‘nono.’

  2. Adam McFarland says:

    Nethy – good catch. I was thinking about doing a post about that. Friday afternoon seems like the WORST time to send a newsletter, but for some reason, for our audience, it works. Go figure huh. Just goes to show it’s worth testing all of your assumptions before drawing conclusions.

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  4. nethy says:

    I had a conversation with a client a while back about testing. His point was:

    We’re not the first. We’re doing the same as 5 other competitors. Just use best practices. Why do we need to test.

    Whenever you test, you get surprises. It’s like a rule.

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