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An Interesting By-Product of Running a Small Business

I had a great lunch yesterday with a friend and former classmate who now has a PhD in Entrepreneurship.  He’s teaching a class called Entrepreneurship and Small Business at prestigious Skidmore college in the fall and asked me if I’d like to come in and speak to the class.  Of course, it’s a total honor and I said yes. At one point in the discussion I started talking about our hiring situation.  He mentioned he’d keep an eye out for exceptional talent, which I said… Continue reading


Early Riser 7 Month Update

It’s now been seven full months since I decided to finally gain control of my sleep schedule and rise every day at 6 AM.  Clearly a lot has changed with our business and with my life, but I’ve managed to stick to the schedule and at this point I can say without a doubt that I have formed a habit that I can continue for the rest of my life should I chose to do so. Right now it’s 8:30 AM.  I’ve already gone to they… Continue reading