If I Couldn’t Type…


I just realized something.

People tell me I talk too fast.  Whenever I hand write something it comes out like chicken scratch and my hand ends up fatiguing way too quickly. It takes me forever to type a text message that says “ok sounds good”, even if I use T9.  But I never have that problem when I type.  My hands can keep up with my brain.  As fast as I can think, I can communicate.  I’m not slowed down by the medium I’m using to communicate.

That brings up some interesting questions.  What would I do if I was born 50 years earlier and my main form of business communication (probably) couldn’t be typing?  Would I have to force my brain to think slower?  How much productivity has been gained simply due to this phenomenon?   Surely if I can move from thought to thought faster while typing, others must be the same….right?

2 comments on If I Couldn’t Type…

  1. Adam Gilbert says:

    Hahaha I get the same thing. I’m a much better writer than I am speaker because I always have a gazillion thoughts going through my head.

    I’ll tell you what it would been a bummer being born 50 years ago. But then again, we humans adapt.

    Ugh, can you imagine having to write hand written letters…my hands hurt just thinking about it.

  2. Adam McFarland says:

    No way man. No hand written letters for me. I’m a lefty too so I get that annoying smudge over everything I write. I was not a natural born calligrapher!

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