October 2008 Archives

If I Couldn’t Type…

I just realized something. People tell me I talk too fast.  Whenever I hand write something it comes out like chicken scratch and my hand ends up fatiguing way too quickly. It takes me forever to type a text message that says “ok sounds good”, even if I use T9.  But I never have that problem when I type.  My hands can keep up with my brain.  As fast as I can think, I can communicate.  I’m not slowed down by the medium I’m using… Continue reading


Growth and Time Management

If last year I started a project like this SportsLizard revamp that I’m working on now, it would have gone a lot differently.  For one, it would have been programmed a lot worse and probably taken twice as many hours of work to get the same result.  In my head I think that and say “cool, what was a four week project a year ago is a two week project now” and then I expect myself to fly through it and get it done in… Continue reading