This Winter Sucks

It’s a winter wonderland outside right now as I’m writing this from my apartment.  If I had a working digital camera, I’d snap a photo.   In a way, I like snow days.  They force you to relax and stay in.  I could use a day to just throw on some sweats and a t-shirt and watch movies, read books, and get ahead on some work.

That is of course, if this were a normal snow day.   This snow day is pissing me off for several reasons:

  • We’ll probably have a foot of snow by 6 PM.  This matters because at 6:30 is our company Christmas party at Vin Santo Tapas & Wine Bar.   I’ve never been there, but supposedly it’s hard to book on a Friday night this time of year and the wine and food is amazing.  I was really looking forward to checking it out and celebrating all that we’ve accomplished as a company in 2008.
  • I can’t stand community laundry facilities so I generally go to my parents house once every week or two to do my laundry.  Today was that day, and now I’ve got to go tomorrow and jam it into an already busy Saturday.
  • This is the second weekend in a row.  Last weekend, we had the worst ice storm I can ever remember.  Power lines and trees were down everywhere.  I don’t know anyone who didn’t have some major damage to their house.  Over 200,000 homes were without power, many for several days.  Some just got it back yesterday.  Luckily I only lost my power for about 2 hours…I don’t do so good in the freezing cold with no power 🙂
  • There are also supposed to be snow storms Sunday and Wednesday (Christmas Eve).  Wtf.
  • I’m already having enough trouble trying to schedule my work around all of the family functions and friends coming into town.  Constant weather threats don’t make it any easier.  It’s becoming a real challenge to find pockets of time to be productive, and even more challenging to find a few minutes to relax.
  • Sending and receiving shipments at the warehouse is hard enough during the holidays, but it’s been a disaster this past few weeks.  FedEx is really late on a “normal” December day because of the volume.  Snow days are way worse.
  • It drives me nuts that no plans made during the months of December, January, February, and March can be considered permanent because there is always the threat of a gigantic nor’easter forcing a cancellation.
  • The thought that we’ve already had enough snow for me this winter is kind of depressing.  It isn’t even January yet!  What will I be thinking in March when it’s still coming down?

So.  I’m thinking of wintering somewhere else next year.  Ideas?

//Update – 5 PM

Vin Santo’s closed so the Pure Adapt Christmas party will have to wait.

Mike just posted some pictures of the aftermath of last weekend’s ice storm over on his blog.  This one is my favorite (click to enlarge):

Albany 2008 Ice Storm

5 comments on This Winter Sucks

  1. Leigh says:

    Well, Adam, I agree with you that this winter sucks. However, it sucks for me for different reasons (warning: long comment to follow).

    I decided to adopt a family this year for Christmas since my business has been doing well. I adopted a family with four children (all girls) and asked the mother for clothing sizes and what they wanted.

    My first clue that there would be trouble should have been when they asked me for Ugg boots (which are $179 on SALE). I let them know that this would not be possible, as Uggs are very expensive, but I would try my best to get everything on their lists.

    I got a total of 40 shirts, 6 makeup and manicure sets, 3 board games, 10 puzzles, and a jar candle (for the mom, since she hadn’t asked for anything) for the family. I invited the parents to my house on Thursday so they could see everything before it was wrapped. They spent about an hour here wrapping and talking.

    Well, Thursday evening, the father sent me a nasty e-mail saying that I ruined their Christmas because I didn’t get everything the girls has asked for; that if I “think the clothes you got will fit; you got large sizes” (I shopped according to the list the mother had provided); that the mother is now in a depressive state because of me; and that I destroyed the family.

    So, I tried to be nice, and this family turned on me. To make matters worse, this man will NOT STOP contacting me. He keeps sending me e-mails with subjects like, “Making sure you know what you did” and “you really hurt this family.”

    So, your party got canceled, and the weather sucks, but at least your good intentions didn’t get thrown in your face!

  2. Adam McFarland says:

    Oh wow, that’s horrible Leigh. It really is amazing how some families will try to scam the system. Uggs! You’ve got to be kidding me. There are kids out there that don’t have any clothing at all. Not to mention all that you did get, which is a whole lot!

    Back in college I volunteered for Make-A-Wish, and one of the things they warned us about right off the bat were families who tried to “fake” having their child be terminally ill so that they could get a free vacation. Unbelievable!

    Anyway, I hope everything works out. Either way YOU know that your intentions were sincere regardless of how bad they try to make you feel.

  3. Leigh says:

    It’s nice that you volunteered for Make-A-Wish, but you’re right; some people will go to great lengths to try to scam the system. On the other end of things, our local Make-A-Wish CEO made up fake children and used the donated money to buy big screen TVs, a hot tub, and other expensive items for herself. She got caught, but afterward, a lot of people wouldn’t donate and they eventually had to close the local chapter.

    I’m thinking of doing some kind of charity promotion each month in 2009; where I have a discount promotion and, during that time, 10% of all net proceeds go to the charity of the month or something. I didn’t quite work out the details in my head yet, but I know I want to get more involved in the community and charity in general.

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