New Pure Adapt Inc Site (Finally)

The New Pure Adapt, Inc Website

I didn’t plan on posting again before Christmas, but I just finished and uploaded a new and improved Pure Adapt site so I figured it was worthy of something quick before I head off to dinner.  The old one-page website needed some updating/expanding, so over the past few weeks I’ve been spending a few hours here and there developing the new site.  Mike made the new logo and header, and I did the rest.

Like everything else I develop, I tried to use this as a playground to learn a few new things.  In particular, I practiced my AJAX skills on the Our Sites page and made an easy to use RSS fetcher for pulling feeds on our News page (side note:  I basically fixed a few of the formatting issues with MagpieRSS and made it a little more user friendly.  If anyone wants the code drop me an email).

The hardest part was writing the About page.  I re-wrote it fifty times and will probably have doubled back over it a few more before you read this post.  Writing the community aspect of the page was really gratifying though – all of the stuff we do to give back makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  We can always do better, but I know we do more than a lot of companies our size.  I’m proud of that, especially during the holidays.

3 comments on New Pure Adapt Inc Site (Finally)

  1. Leigh says:

    Oh sure, NOW you update your site and include a snail mail address! 🙂 I wanted to send you a Christmas card, but couldn’t find an address on the old Pure Adapt site. Now I’ll have it for next year. Happy new year.

  2. Adam McFarland says:

    Leigh – ha, yea we never really get mail from anyone except vendors or customer returns so we’ve never bothered having it on the site before. Appreciate the thought though 🙂

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