December 2008 Archives

How to Prioritize Work

One of the hardest things to do as a business owner or aspiring business owner is prioritizing your work.  If you’re anything like me, the ideas pour out faster than you can execute and you always end up staring at an endless task list.  It can be very frustrating.   From what I’ve seen, most people do one of two things: they either procrastinate and do nothing, spending too much time staring at their to-do list and writing up business plans,  or start attacking the to-do… Continue reading


Simple Problem, Simple Answer

Apparently our Black Friday specials were a little too good.  Several disgruntled manufacturers have contacted us regarding their concerns that our pricing was too low.  Seems as if a few of our competitors (one in particular) ratted us out and complained that we were unfairly discounting the prices. Listen, I get that as we grow and become bigger threats to our competition they will use tactics like this as a way to take a shot at us.  In a way, it’s a compliment:  they’re admitting… Continue reading


So, That Went Pretty Well

Apparently our specials worked pretty well.  We pretty much crushed our expectations for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Take a look at our shipping area on Monday with all of the orders from over the weekend: That prior record of 73 items shipped out in a day is now somewhere around 130.  Then we followed that up by absolutely killing Cyber Monday and doing single-day records in terms of number of sales and revenue.  If you take out a fluky $6k order we had once through… Continue reading